28 thoughts on “Robbie Parker Fake Actor Sandy Hook Shooting

  1. My jaw dropped when I saw this video. Now Im hearing DHS did some kind of exercise there. These false flags are so sloppy yet apparently they dont need to be that airtight to fool the zombified public. When I express my doubts I get looked at like I’ve misplaced my tin foil hat.

    1. No doubt NC. Makes me think that with daddy there smilin` and all like he was that he just accepted the highest offer for some body organs and body parts ya know. If this happened there at sandy hook like they say then there will be a lot of fresh body parts selling for high buck ya know. I don`t want to sound morbid and all but just look at how the govt. and all deals with things.

  2. I thought something was weird about that interview the first time I saw it. I mentioned in a chat room that I read somewhere that the whole thing just might be a staged event with actors and all. Everyone just ignored my comment. I was just testing the room haha

    The main thing is we can’t get side tracked from stuff. We need to stay focused on they are going to use this to try and take our guns. Better get your Beans, Bullets, and band-aids together… time is getting close

  3. “All the world’s a stage……”

    And so on and so forth.

    Things are SO much clearer after taking the red pill, no?

    1. Amen! This is such a bunch of tripe, I’m so glad that my husband and I can see it clearly. MUCH better than living in ignorance and fear. I just wish I could convince the rest of my family because they’re totally falling for this load of manure.

  4. Please send the link to everyone on your contact list, because this little video clip blows the whole BS story wide open, and by doing so, reveals the extent they will go to, and their ulterior motives for grabbing guns.

  5. Please everyone, I just don’t get this? It’s happening right before our eyes and people ignore when I post something or tease me about the boogie man. This is psychological warfare at its FINEST. Why don’t people see this?

      1. I have a question, is this video actually real or is it just a mock video made by someone for fun? I still can’t determine. Anyone know? Either way, it’s sick.

          1. I don’t know. I kinda need more proof. Things like this need to be verified before taken for valid. If anyone has any proof that it is truly valid, please send a link to me.

  6. A person on Youtube under this video commented this:

    “Redeemed52597 29 minutes ago

    Let’s be very careful promoting a video saying the father of one of the girls who died in the school shooting is a hypocrite, faking his emotions.

    When people go through traumatic incidents like this there can be a whole range of emotions that fluctuate very rapidly. Ever been to a memorial service and while beautiful memories in pictures are being shown of the deceased, people are laughing one minute and crying the next?

    The same way people judge another, they will be in the end. (Matt 7:2)”

    WOW! It never ceases to amaze me on how low these sick F**KERS will go and the excuses they will make to twist everything in psychological warfare. To say that it is normal for someone to laugh after their child dies. Are you F**KING KIDDING ME??? Where do they come up with these excuses? Everything that is good, they turn bad and everything that is bad, they turn good and the sheeple will actually think about believing it. And then they have the balls to quote and twist the word of God at the end! It’s insane!

    1. “Ever been to a memorial service and while beautiful memories in pictures are being shown of the deceased, people are laughing one minute and crying the next?”

      Well, the obvious answer is No.

  7. What if the real family and Robbie Parker are the people standing next to this actor on the left and that the actor is really just being a spokesman or playing the part of Robbie Parker for them since they may of had trouble speaking their feelings on camera? Notice how the kid on the left in the family kinda resembles the actor. Is that the real Robbie Parker? Did they have someone cast an actor to relay his thoughts and the media used it to play on people’s emotions? Because it looks like the real family is on the left: Dad, Mom and maybe the real Robbie Parker. Any thoughts? I really want to know what this video is truly about.

    1. They didn’t *have* to give the interview. Had I been in the same situation and had the choice between not speaking out and letting an actor go for me, I would’ve picked not speaking out. If they hired an actor to give an emotional performance in their stead, that would be sick on a whole new level.

      It would have been fine to use a spokesman, but the spokesman could’ve delivered the message without pretending to be emotional.

  8. Did anyone watch the Rekos parents’ interview. After watching this Parker interview, it bares an eerie resemblance to the Rekos interview. The mother wasn’t shedding a tear and I remember thinking something was odd in her actions…

  9. The guy is joking and laughing likes he’s geting ready to go on Leno or a comedy set. He’s a psycho if that was really his kid. Anyway he holds his breath and try to hyperventilate over and over. He tries to cry and pretend to be upset but he can’t cry or come off upset. Why most likely because he finds it funny that they can really get away with this staged shooting with so many involved. He have no problem crying if it was his daughter and if she really was killed and if he loved her as any normal father would. He seemed under mind control to an extent extent in the way his eyes never were normal. They were open all the way or closed all the way. And you could see when he had to force himself to close them by the way the would stay shut ten times the normal blink. They seem to really get off on rubbing this in the face of all us who are fully awake.
    This is a bit different method than they used to disarm Russia to prepare them for the massive murderous slaughter that followed. Yet people ready this can learn the reality by reading about what they did there. And even though we have far more arms than did the good Russian people (aka the Christian, the kulaks (farmers), the Cossacks and the peasants and nobility and intelectuals), we still have much more powerful and technologically advanced enemy that is emerging against us. TSA, Homeland security, ATF, militarized local and state police all various new home security civilians corps and other agencies will all be used against us to disarm us and take our property and land—especially farms and small businesses. Then the slaughter will really begin. The globalists, who are the zionist and communists, many so call progressives, and neocons and ofcourse the Banksters, want to destroy America and must to set up their dream of a totalitarian world government. We, as those innocent children they murdered in Connecticut like Columbine, are but cattle to be slaughtered. Children are their favorite human sacrifice for Molak or Satan. Those who are fully aware of what they are doing or the their side (the pure evil side)know this. It is something the consider very powerful to murder the most innocent of mankind of the cattle race. Which is why they murder so many millions of babies and call it a right. It is a very holy sacrement to a Satanic mind. So it does not bother them at all to murder 19 toddlers. We must realise a psychopathic mind poisoned by the most evil occultic religion for a lifetime does not think like a Christian with love and compassion, truth, honor decency and mercy. View on you tube the murder of Rachel Corrie to see an example.

  10. This man just got offered a lot of money, that’s the smile of someone who just seen 7 or more zeroes.
    Regardless of whether his kid died or not watch for him to start making the media rounds and being used to push for gun control.

  11. this kind of makes me wonder if this wasnt done the day before this shooting, and wasn`t just staged the more I think about it. Reminds me of a phoney reality show! Fool me once, fool me twice type of thing ya know.

    1. Check out the video posted on FTTWR on 1-3-13 called “The Deadliest Drug: Scopolamine.” The title might be a little different but it was about scopolamine, it`s a good video.

  12. Emily Parkers Facebook account was set up five hours after the shootings. With bank account already set up to receive charitable donations. Before her parents even knew she was DEAD! No media will report this. This is not a negative comment about the deaths of innocent people, but a question of how this could be possible. Questions about this will be removed from the page by the 24/7 monitor, will be removed from twitter, ect. Where is the freedom of speech. Where is the Media.

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