Robot Cop Aims to Make Traffic Stops Safer for Police & Motorists, Engineer says

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An engineer in California built a police officer robot dubbed GoBetween with the aim of making routine traffic stops safer for police and motorists alike.

Reuben Brewer, a mechanical engineer at SRI International in California built the prototype GoBetween robot, which is attached to an apparatus that extends to the motorist’s window from the officer’s patrol car and even deploys spikes to prevent the driver from fleeing the scene of a robot. 

“I got tired of hearing news reports of motorists and cops getting run over in traffic stops, usually in what seemed like preventable situations,” Brewer said.

“I’d be absolutely thrilled for this robot to save even a single life.” “No one should die in a traffic stop.” Video of the GoBetween robot demonstrates how the robot is operated from the inside of a police car, which doesn’t require the officer to make contact with motorists.

The next generation prototype will be able to operate from outside of a police car via a mobile app. It features stowing in the front of the police car and has the ability to access both the passenger and driver’s side windows.

Once the police car parks behind a motorist’s car, the GoBetween robot rolls up to the driver’s side window of the offending motorist’s car, where acts as the officer’s ears, mouth and eyes.

Aside from the traffic spikes, the robot itself is not armed with any weaponry. ”

The robot is purely defensive, so it can’t hurt the motorist,” Brewer explained.

Data scientist Amy Shoemaker with the Stanford Open Policing Project(Formerly Known as the Law, Order and Algorithm project) says it won’t solve every traffic stops safety issue.

Shoemaker says the goal is to prevent some tragedies.

“If there is a role for this tool, it’s to help prevent tragedies like Philando Castile’s death.

Brewer agrees.

“Every year 16,915,140 drivers are pulled-over in traffic, 195,078 motorists have physical force used on them, 4,488 officers are assaulted, 89 of those motorists die, and 11 of those officers die,” Brewer, a Senior Robotics Research Engineer at SRI International’s Applied Technologies and Science Department, said.

“With such dangerous interactions between people, maybe it’s time to send a robot in between them, one that can’t hurt or be hurt.”

Brewer, who constructed the first GoBetween police robot prototype in his garage, bolted the robot to his own car during his initial test run.

While he’s optimistic, the robotics engineer remains realistic and knows it won’t solve every safety issue with traffic stops.

“It’s only part of the solution,” he said.

“But I hope one day it could save lives.”

Watch video footage demonstrating how the robot works above.

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3 thoughts on “Robot Cop Aims to Make Traffic Stops Safer for Police & Motorists, Engineer says

  1. “No one should die in a traffic stop.”

    No sh#t, Sherlock.

    Unfortunately, it’s almost ALWAYS the motorist getting MURDERED BY THE PIG.

    “Aside from the traffic spikes, the robot itself is not armed with any weaponry. ”


  2. Why stop in the first place?

    The majority of my driving happens at night and guess what I F-KING SPEED WELL PAST THE DAM SO CALLED LIMIT BECAUSE MY CAR IS PREPPED TO DO SO. I just so happen to know what the f-k I am doing building shit with cars guns homes machining and anything else so yeah lets see where this goes he he he.

    THIS Being said just a recent interaction or lack there of I should say was moving along at a rate of well over the limit 55mph at prob 120-130 ish.

    I just so happen to see an suv pop onto the highway in mt rear view and proceed to try and catch up(I know there is a trooper station not far from this exit along with sensors in the road but guess what I DONT GIVE A F-K). I saw this f-ker and knew those headlights were from one of the new explorer patrol vehicles with the twin turbos and “SHOULD” be able to catch you HAHAHAHAHHAHAAH
    Once you get into the turns and drop into 4th pulling away up the hills and turns this said vehicles no longer obtain any advantage because they are top heavy along with being heavy to begin with, so my car being lowered with top of the line shocks,struts along with larger sway bars makes this car more of a road racer than any street car so I can say BU BYE.

    He did get almost (and i say ALMOST but he was still coming around the turn at the bottom the hill as i was turning and about to slow down to get off) get close just before the hill by the off ramp (this car stops better than a corvette documented on paper)but was still to far to see the rear plate and once we got onto the back roads which are pretty windy he just could not even get close
    Being early spring I could see his lights in the DISTANCE and maybe just maybe would have been better to bring him to an ambush.
    So yeah why stop I ask?

    Please get something that is a bit better in the turns and the will to catch you f-ks because I for one will not be the ticket nor the shooting solution because there is a 1911 with me.
    Wrong state trooper not going to be better luck next time because we are not playing.

    Want to race ya turd? Not in a straight line but with curves like your wife.

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