10 thoughts on “Rochester Police Officers Beating up disabled man in Wheelchair

  1. Three gestapos assaulting a handicapped man. If that’s “law enforcement”, I would rather have no police officers.

  2. They beat on a handicap man and yet no one does a DAMN thing but take out their damn video cameras and film it. WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!?? 20 people against 3 police officers. DO SOMETHING TO HELP THE POOR GUY!!!! Don’t just stand there.

    OMG! And of course they have 3 or 4 other cop cars speeding towards the scene to block the road and backup the two thug officers to prevent a riot because they know they did wrong. I mean really.

    When the hell are the people going to wake up and take action? I’m sick of this passive shit. Knock those officers on their ass and beat the shit out of them. They can’t sue you all. Wake up! We are the many and they are the few. We are the strong and they are the cowards. FIGHT! The courts will do nothing as always. You should all know this by now. The only way you are going to take back your rights is by exercising them yourselves as well as a combined show of force of doing it together as Americans! Wake up, people!

    1. you’re absolutely right, NC….I remember when cops used to get beat up now and then, and it’s something that we need to see happen again in our society.
      It’s either the fluoride in the water, or the decades of gay brainwashing, but people definitely seem incredibly passive these days. It’s almost as if nothing can get them angry anymore.

  3. This is sickening and disgusting. Totally unprovoked assault and battery with intend to harm!!!

    If any lawyers or legal advocates are viewing this, please help this man! Please hit the city of Rochester with a multimillion-dollar federal lawsuit and take these bastard pigs to the cleaners!!!! Truly these thugs are of their father, the devil!

  4. It is LEGAL to use leathal force against the police when it appears there is harm to another. U.S. Supremes…

  5. Retribution shall be swift for trash like this, once the SHTF.

    Many will NOT be willing to forgive and forget.

  6. Yet another reason for citizens to keep and carry submachine guns: For GESTAPO PIG ELIMINATION DUTY.

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