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Rockefeller Foundation To Invest $20M To Electrify Rural India

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: India recently launched a new biometric ID card as well in order to catalog all of its citizens. Technology is making data gathering much easier for big brother. When rural India becomes electrified they will be connected to everything else digital. This all leads us up to the events of the end times.

On another note, a wise person is able to understand the history of families and trace their roots and this helps to understand the agendas taking place in our world.

The Rockefeller Foundation will invest $20 million in India over the next three years to increase energy access in the country’s rural areas, according to Vice President Christine Heenan.

The U.S.-based foundation has raised an additional $32 million in debt over the last 18 months for its rural electrification program “with a lot more coming online soon and almost all in mini grids,” Heenan said. The foundation’s goal is to reach 100 million consumers over the next decade mainly in India and Africa using the mini-grid model for last-mile electrification, she said in an interview in New Delhi.

The foundation has said previously it aims to provide electricity to at least 25 million people across six states in India in five years. India has targeted bringing power to every household in the country by March 2019.

Source: Rockefeller Foundation to Invest $20M to Electrify Rural India – Bloomberg

World Events and the Bible

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