Rodman Says He’s Going Back to NKorea, Blasts Obama

NewsMax – by Greg Richter

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman says he’ll go back to North Korea on Aug. 1 in an attempt to secure an American imprisoned there.

Rodman was critical of President Barack Obama for not talking to North Korean President Kim Jong-un after Rodman’s last visit there. The young leader bonded with the ex-NBA star over basketball, and sent a message back with him that he wanted to talk to Obama.  

Kim got no public response from the White House, and later ramped up tensions with the United States and its ally, South Korea, moving missiles and claiming they had the capability to deliver nuclear warheads to the U.S. mainland. He recently moved the missiles back.

Rodman told celebrity website TMZ that he is returning to the communist country to try to free Korean American Kenneth Bae. Rodman admitted, “It’s gonna be difficult.”

Rodman had angry words for Obama. “We got a black president (who) can’t even go talk to (Kim),” Rodman told TMZ. “Obama can’t do s**t, I don’t know why he won’t go talk to him.”

Rodman appeared on ABC’s “This Week” when he returned from his first trip. He said then that he doesn’t condone what Kim does, but called him his “friend.”

“At least Kim did one thing, he took the missiles back,” Rodman said. “Thank you. Took the missiles back, right?”

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4 thoughts on “Rodman Says He’s Going Back to NKorea, Blasts Obama

    1. Heck #1 maybe rodman likes that N Korean pie face if ya know what I mean. Ya know what they say about those that sleep in the same bed together. LOL Makes me wonder if they got more going on “behind closed doors” LOL. HaHaha sick bastards they are.

  1. Typical. Obama does nothing and goes on vacation every two weeks as he continues to let the corporations do everything for him. So what corporation does Rodman work for?

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