9 thoughts on “Rodney Dangerfield – At His Best

  1. I had this guy in my limo years ago in Vegas. I was driving limo then and really had a blast driving these guys around. Rodney was a big pot smoker, he loved the stuff. It was his birthday and we were going out to the boonies going for weed.

    Needless to say, we got lost…He let me have it, I still got a $20 though.There were two streets with the same name, I picked the wrong one. He didn’t know where to go either, it was at a tiger trainers house way out in the desert, I mean way out on a dirt road, nightmare.

    1. Quite a story. There musta been a bordello or two? Vegas, boonies and all.

      I don’t think Rodney would have managed political correctness very well were he still with us today. He wouldn’t have done well at the rehab Flee is visiting.



      1. I’ve turned over a new leaf.

        Don’t get me going.

        Or I’ll never make it out of the halfway house and become a productive member of society.

        I’m being setup for failure.

        That’s my tin foil hat perspective.

        1. I only half way understand about the half-way house but half-measures will have to do. Maybe we’ll all half-way there and the glass really is half full.


  2. Hard to believe he is a jew. I went through airport security next to him at Denver airport January 1990. They gave him enhanced pat down. He said “I don’t get no respect”

  3. Yes they did in 1975 they took away my pocket knife for a flight. You walk through a metal detector if went off you get pat down. 1950 a united airlines plane was brought down by a 35 mm film container with nitroglycerine inside.

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