Roll Call: The 34 House Republicans Who Voted for Farm Worker Amnesty

Breitbart – by Neil Munro

Thirty-four Republicans voted December 11 to give amnesty at least one million illegal immigrants and to subsidize farm companies with a wave of cheap visa-workers who will lower wages throughout the farm workforce, which includes at least one million American workers.

The Republicans are mostly from rural districts where the local media is skewed in favor of local farm employers and often ignores the economic interest of local American farmworkers. 

Some of the pro-amnesty GOP legislators will avoid the pushback from GOP activists and voters by retiring before November.

The recorded vote revealed the amnesty-and-outsourcing Republicans:

Rep. Mark Amodei, Nevada,

Rep. James Baird, Indiana,

Rep. Michael Bost, Illinois,

Rep. Susan Brooks, Indiana,

Rep. Paul Cook, California,

Rep. Thomas Cole, Oklahoma,

Rep. Rodney Davis, Illinois,

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, Florida,

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania,

Rep. Russ Fulcher, Idaho,

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, Washington,

Rep. Will Hurd, Texas,

Rep. David Joyce, Ohio,

Rep. John Katko, New York,

Rep. Peter King, New York,

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, Illinois,

Rep. Douglas LaMalfa, California,

Rep  David McKinley, West Virginia,

Rep. Paul Mitchell, Michigan,

Rep. Dan Newhouse, Washington,

Rep Devin Nunes, California,

Rep. Thomas Reed, New York,

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Washington,

Rep. John Shimkus, Illinois,

Rep. Michael Simpson, Idaho,

Rep. Lloyd Smucker, Pennsylvania,

Rep. Elise Stefanik, New York,

Rep. Steve Stivers, Ohio,

Rep. Glen Thompson, Pennsylvania,

Rep. Scott Tipton, Colorado,

Rep. Fred Upton, Michigan,

Rep. Greg Walden, Ohio,

Rep. Don Young, Alaska.

The agriculture-district Republicans include LaMalfa, Upton, Stefanik, and Newhouse, who owns orchards in Washington state.

The retiring legislators include Walden, Hurd, King, Brooks, and Shimkus.

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  1. Only 3 from Commiefornia?

    One POS from my home state, as well.

    Not that it makes one whit of difference… they’re ALL jewb#tch TRAITORS, regardless.

    On a side note (unrelated), nothing since the ‘Space Force’ article at 9:39 has come through to my mailbox… not sure if it’s me, or the site.

    Never mind, just found it all in spam for whatever reason (even the ‘subscribe’ one for this article).

  2. So they got paid

    Yeah we know

    And it doesn’t show up in their “earnings” column either

    Slick eh?

    Rope bitch!!

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