Romney Accepts Fraudulent GOP Nomination Procured Through Voter Fraud

The mainstream propaganda machine is reporting that Mitt Romney accomplished a complete sweep in the primaries for New York, Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, after which he gave a speech wherein he accepted the Republican nomination for president.  Once again every one of these beauty contests represents a blatant fraud.  It has now been proven that Ron Paul won Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Colorado, and Washington if the Ron Paul delegates in that state are allowed to be seated.

We are not only seeing fraud, but strong arm mafia fraud.  In Alaska Ron Paul supporters were told they could not be seated as delegates.  In King County Washington Paul supporters were forced out of the building rented for the occasion and made to hold their caucus on an outside basketball court.  And in Missouri the Paul supporters were not only pushed out of a building, but when they tried to hold their caucus outside, their elected chairman was hauled off to jail.

I’m sure the reports of voter fraud for last night’s primaries will begin to trickle in today, as the idea of a Romney sweep in the proportion the lie was reported is completely ridiculous and unrealistic.  These neo-con establishment Republiscums are trying to get us to believe that they have tricked enough of our people into believing that Dr. Paul cannot possibly win the nomination to sell this lie as a reality.  They believe that in blacking out all coverage of the massive turnouts of crowds literally everywhere Dr. Paul speaks, they can sell the false reality of majority support for the status quo.

The treasonous anti-gunner, anti-US jobs, Mitt Romney, in his arrogant and treasonously fraudulent so called acceptance speech, spit in the face of every citizen who has not voted yet and pompously declared himself the nominee for the GOP.  I truly felt physically nauseous in listening to this plastic faced Ferrari salesman try to portray himself as understanding the feelings of the poor and dispossessed in invoking his father’s experiences before Mitt was born.  This is the equivalency of saying, “I’m having Viet Nam flashbacks because I read the Time-Life series on the subject and it is just like being there.”

Mitt Romney has never seen a hard day in his life and his plastic elitist wife, Ann, believes herself deserving of a queenship, complete with a private 747 for her worldwide tour at the tax payers’ expense.  As for Ann Romney raising five children, well that would be Ann, the maid, the nanny, the tutor, and finally the finishing schools.  To pretend this elitist wench understands our experience in raising our children in deprivation is an insult to our intelligence.

What these establishment Republiscums and the mainstream press they own are doing is criminal.  If it could be proven that one Hispanic voter had been disenfranchised, there would be a cry of righteous indignation that would ring out across this country and there would be prosecutions.  However in this case, when voters who can trace their lineage back to the colonies are disenfranchised right out in the open and the incidents are proven beyond a doubt, it is, well, there were some shenanigans going on, however we are going to go forward with the fraudulent process the shenanigans made possible.

This thing is not over and we must continue to build our numbers behind Dr. Paul.  We are already an overwhelming majority and we are going to need every one of us when these treasonous neo-con Republiscums attempt to make their blatant fraud a fait accompli reality at the Republican Convention in August.

For every mainstream piece pushing the lie of Romney on their media, we must put forth ten pieces on the net shoving that lie right back in their faces and down their throats.

As for the delegates being pushed out at the caucuses and primaries push back and if necessary defend your right to decide who your representative will be with your fists and more if these treasonous elite want to escalate the situation.  Get mean. Stop letting these punks punk you.  Put forth the message; we are not going to take this crap from a bunch of jelly-spined worms.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

One thought on “Romney Accepts Fraudulent GOP Nomination Procured Through Voter Fraud

  1. Now it’s down to Romney and Paul! (eye of) Newt Gingrich is dropping out of the race. It’s time to expose the fraud and get Ron Paul nominated. If Romney is made the GOP nominee, Ron Paul must run as a third candidate. I honestly see no difference between Obama being re-elected or Romney being elected. If Ron Paul is not elected President, then the real revolution will begin, it is inevitable.

    The picture posted with this article just screams out “I screwed you America! Now get ready for the real reaming!”

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