Romney and Ryan – The “Presumptive” GOP Austerity Ticket

The “presumptive” GOP candidate Mitt Romney, today, aboard a Navy vessel at Norfolk, Virginia, announced that Bilderbergers has chosen Paul Ryan as his “presumptive” running mate.  If there was ever any doubt in anyone’s mind as to the intent behind a Romney candidacy, it should be dispelled at this point.

Paul Ryan is a notorious lapdog of the corporate elite and has promised them our Social Security accounts, our retirement accounts, our food, and medical care as his tribute to them for his advancement within the international corporate mafia.  He has also taken a knee and kissed the ring of Israeli King Netanyahu and sworn the blood and broken lives of as many of our young people as it will take to achieve Israeli conquest of the Middle East and its resources.

No old person would vote for Paul Ryan as he wants to enact austerity measures upon Social Security and Medicare.  No unemployed or middle class person would vote for the ticket as it is led by the ex-CEO of Bain Capital that has been the leader in exporting jobs and industry out of our country.  No young person with a lick of sense would vote for the ticket as Romney and Ryan are poised to throw them into the Zionist meat grinder that shoots wealth for Israel out the other side.

The only votes this ticket could possibly get would be from the neo-cons who thrive from death and destruction and represent a large portion of the parasites feeding on we the people.

So you ask how they possibly believe they can win the presidency.  Well simple, the same way Romney became the “presumptive” GOP candidate.  Election fraud with the participation of the propaganda machine.  That is unless Obama and the soviet socialists do a better job of rigging the election.

It makes one wonder just how much of our written history is not but a lie.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

8 thoughts on “Romney and Ryan – The “Presumptive” GOP Austerity Ticket

  1. There will go another contract broken by the powers that be. You have always said it ” we the people have paid into social security for 20, 30, 40 yrs.” for retirement and now and now they want to take it away – well to me they have broken another contract was the american people. Well Henry – they need us more than we need them. Any way we don`t have to worry – with a crew like them guys the will never get elected. What would happen Henry if Romney had a accident before the elections? – would Paul Ryan take his place as a canidate and choose his V.P.? Just curious ya know. Good article, but I hate the subject.

  2. Control, Conflict and Conspiracy the elite tools to ensure their power. Romney/Ryan is being hailed by the corporate controlled media as the perfect ticket.

    The rhetoric of balanced budgets, limited government, 12 million jobs to be created, more income for the middle class. Sounds just like Obama/Biden four years ago after the Clinton and Bush presidencies.

    Lots of hope being peddled and the people lack the capacity to question out of FEAR of those that control our lives, that decide our next never ending wars and are the entitled ones to steal without retribution of the law everything we still possess and are deliberately killing off all wealth creation through their vile system of wealth transfer and enslavement.

    Control , Conflict and Conspiracy the occult tools, how can they not fail the elite in their evil desire for total power.

    How about Freedom from zionist laws, Freedom from zionist wars, Freedom from zionist debt money. There is not a hope in zionist hell on earth for any freedom under Romney/Ryan.

    Ron Paul for the people and follow the Constitution for the people no election of more zionist slime.

  3. I remember Paul Ryan’s failed budget proposal. Actually that is the only thing that I remember about his political career. And it FAILED MISERABLY!!! Other than that, I don’t think he has done a damn thing as a politician. They made him sound like he was a young up and coming Republican with a chip on his shoulder who would save our country’s budget problem. He worked alongside of Boehner to try and get it to work. Trust me, Ryan is as corrupt as a three dollar bill. He won’t do anything and is as arrogant as Obama. He is just a clear cut young Mitt Romney who will create more Fascism, more control and more unemployment. He is as bought out from the Zionists as Romney is. Proof that both a Romney Administration and an Obama Administration would be the same in every way.

  4. “It makes one wonder just how much of our written history is not but a lie.”

    You’re not the only one who thinks that, Henry. Since waking up to all of this, there is not one day that goes by that I don’t think about that, either. We truly live in a matrix and the only way to find out the REAL truth is to search from outside of the matrix.

  5. These modern Republicans pretend to be Christian — but they are Christians of a type that is entirely anti-Biblical. The Bible says that you may not murder or steal. So a foreign policy based on stealing the resources (oil) of dark-skinned people, and murdering them as they attempt to defend what is theirs is definitely not permitted of any TRUE Christian. It would be as permissible as breaking into someone’s home, stealing their jewelery, and then claiming ‘self defense’ when they shoot back at you from within their own homes. It’s not self-defense – because you had no right to be in their home(land) coveting and stealing their jewelery/oil to begin with. I can only think that these so-called Christians are really just greedy and covetous atheists — with no concern for how their actions shall be judged when they pass on.

  6. Romney/Ryan is pretty much the only team they could come up with that is even more evil than Obomber/Biden.

    Both the Rethuglicans and the Demonrats need to be stopped.

  7. It won’t make one particle of difference which lap dog gets elected president of Corporate America because both are owned by Wall Street. The smartest thing any poor person could do on election day is stay home and plant a winter garden to help stave off hunger once austerity measures are announced following the elections in November.

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