Romney CAUGHT CHEATING – Campaign Over – Paul vs. Obama

Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul is now looking past the RNC Convention and into the fall. The US Presidential debates are when most American choose the candidate of their choice.

7 thoughts on “Romney CAUGHT CHEATING – Campaign Over – Paul vs. Obama

  1. This is nowhere to be found in the mainstream media, because if it was, Mitt Romney wouldn’t be traveling around saying “I’m gonna be the President! I’m gonna be the President!”, he’d be en route to federal prison saying “I’m screwed! I’m screwed!” Anyone who believes that Mitt Romney is some kind of savior for the United States of America is a damn fool!

  2. It is our turn as we the the people, you and I to keep the rats in fear of their survival. Pass on this site to others, talk about these reports, be enthusiastic, but be positive that we are winning.

    The chosen are about to get their moment with destiny, so lets go all the way against them until they are all caged up for a long long time.

    It is Ron Paul for President or no election.

  3. this great news, hope his 250 million in off shore accounts are taken to help start a treasurey of our own so we can get rothschilds crimminal fraudulant banking system out of our country once and for all. if all those crimminals that hold offices lost their illeagle gains it would be a graet start,and might just help keep em honest in the future, look how maney yaers it set the bushes back when bush lost his money for laundrying nazi money here.

  4. i just was looking at my post and noticed the under lined words and it says it like it is . thats why we need to take care of our own money.

  5. I don’t care what kind of judge is presiding over this case, I have heard it all before. Judges can be easily swayed and bought out by anyone. Even ex-marine judges. You just have to know their weakness. The elite know this. I’ll believe he’s a good judge when I actually hear and see him put those corrupt RNC officials in jail. Until then, I don’t believe it. I’ve heard this story before and there is always some trick up the elite’s sleeve that people never see coming until it is too late.

  6. The first time I see someone this high up in the political spectrum go to prison for even a single day, I’ll be rushing out the door to look for flying pigs.

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