Ron Paul Dominating – Propagandists in a Panic

The mainstream media is in a frenzy.  Oh yes, it is all about the 2012 election.  I have to believe that our regular readers are becoming about as weary of reading on this subject as I am of writing, but we have to understand the mainstream propaganda machine has been overtly controlling our destiny and affecting our lives since its inception.  I know that the intelligent thinking people out there pay no mind to the attacks on Dr. Ron Paul, but as these attacks are orchestrated using techniques that have worked in the past, we must counter them on every front.

The propagandists will tell a lie mixed with truths and half-truths, hundreds of times a day, and each day a little more truth and half-truth is removed from the lie until it is the pure lie that is being mimicked.  They will do this from the false left and the false right in order to create an illusion of truth through false diversity.  Like I said, we are not listening to this crap, but not every citizen is wide awake yet so we will continue to counter the lies with the truth.

Mike Huckabee has put forth the lie that the weather will determine who will win the Iowa caucus, saying that Dr. Paul will only win if the weather is really bad because his supporters will brave the storm to vote for him.  Mike Huckabee is a Zionist neo-con who represents Israel and the industrial war complex.  He wants what they want, war for profit.

It is being asserted that Huckabee appeals to Christian conservatives.  Well on the off chance that there are a few Christian conservatives listening to Mike, I tell you this.  Mike Huckabee speaks for the international elitists.  These are the same people who have pushed multi-culturalism and political correctness to the point that your child bringing a Bible to school in his or her backpack is treated the same as bringing a knife.

For the rest of you, Mike Huckabee will gladly send your children through the Middle East meat grinder and pile up the gold that comes out the other side.

For any of you out there criticizing Dr. Paul’s stance on ending these wars for profit, if you have not already lost your soul, get on your computer and pull up the images of the tens of thousands of young Americans with hands, feet, legs, or faces blown off and see if your heart truly lies with war.

The soviet socialist propagandists are saying that Dr. Paul is supported by fringe elements.  Well considering that 44% of the voting public are now registered Independent or non-partisan, I guess it could be said that the so called fringe is now indeed the mainstream.  I heard one commie say Dr. Paul will win Iowa but then that will be the end of it.  Wanna bet?

Tell you what propagandist scum; you are shining as the pathetic curs you are and your desperation is obvious for all to see.  You have no credibility. You are finished.  Ron Paul, the American people of the American race, and the internet have already destroyed you, and you know it.  All that is left is the determination as to what your punishment for the treason you have committed will be.  I think a long stretch in one of those FEMA camps you built for us, followed by a trip on a deportation barge would be fitting.

Ron Paul cannot be beat and the more the propagandists deny the obvious, the more pathetic and stupid they look.  Every time they say Ron Paul cannot win, look them right in the eyes and say “He already has, you pathetic imbecile.”

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. In the days of Cronkite they propogandized and everyone believed them.As the shit gets closer to the fan they propogandize that everyone still does.Its so obvious that they’re emotions teeter between anger, fear and outright embarrassment as people become more informed than MSM anchors.These people have Obama,Perry and Gingrich running for office, yet they choose to try to bullshit Americans about the unacceptable character of Ron Paul.I can’t wait until Tuesday as Iowa counties vote one after the other and keep tally of the vote in every precinct.I told you before a 12.5% margin since Governor Branstad opened his big mouth that the vote of the citizens of the very state he was elected to represent are meaningless.Thanks again,Terry,you dumb bastard.P.S.(For those of you who don”t know yet I will be one of those Iowa voters.)

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