Ron Paul Fares Well in Huckabee’s Zionist Forum

Saturday night Mike Huckabee hosted a presidential forum wherein the GOP presidential candidates, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, and Mitt Romney, (Jon Huntsman declined to participate), were questioned by three State Attorneys General, Pam Bondi, Ken Cuccinelli, and Scott Pruitt.

Let us take a look at this production and those who sponsored it.  Mike Huckabee portrays himself as a Southern Baptist preacher, a man of God.  Mike Huckabee, who makes frequent trips to Israel, has become a spokesperson for the Zionists who control that country.  Mike Huckabee, this so called man of God, supports Israeli aggression.

Take a minute, look into the faces of your children and grandchildren and know without a doubt that Mike Huckabee would see them slaughtered on the battlefields of the Middle East for nothing more than the procurement of more wealth for the Israeli Zionists that he serves.

And who did Mike bring in to force the Israeli position in reference to our upcoming 2012 election in the US?  Attorney General of Florida Pam Bondi, Attorney General of Virginia Ken Cuccinelli, and Attorney General of Oklahoma Scott Pruitt.

If you are among the common population and educated to a degree as to the reality of what is going on in our court systems, you already know that to become a State Attorney General you have to be the sleaziest of the sleazy and the most treacherous of traitors.

You see State Attorneys General hate our Constitution because it is an impediment (legal obstruction) to them arbitrarily crucifying any citizen who stands against the corporate elite that these attorneys serve.  These State Attorneys General are handpicked by the corporate elite to force their will onto the general public.

Being attorneys, they are expert in the art of attorning which means to twist, hence they take subject matter material and twist its meaning to conform to create a hypothetical wherein a desired affect can be accomplished.

The action of attorning has absolutely nothing to do with arriving at a truth and everything to do with turning a lie upside down to give it the appearance of truth.  The job of all Attorneys General since inception has been to overturn our Constitution and remove the individual freedom from the individual citizen.

Every practicing attorney in the United States is a member of the BAR Association.  BAR stands for British Accredited Registry.  The individual BAR Associations for the states are 501(c)(3) corporations and the individual attorneys are bound by none of the laws they try to inflict upon the rest of us.  They operate under merchant law.  And what these sleazy traitors have done in the name of the Queen of England for the past hundred years is turn our individual rights to freedom, liberty, and justice into commodities, to be bought and sold and retained only by those who can afford to own them.

This is the truth as to those three Attorneys General who, working in coalition, attempted to discredit Congressman Ron Paul for his stance on our Constitution.  We saw the way they tried to push and hurry Dr. Paul in order to minimize his explanations in reference to the constitutionality of the actions we are seeing taken against our individual rights and freedoms every day.

Dr. Paul fared quite well for being sucked through the process of this so called forum like a plastic BB through a Eureka vacuum cleaner.  This so called forum was nothing more than a show of contempt by the Zionist Israelis for the American people’s of the American race demand for a return of our Republic under our Constitution, free of foreign influence and foreign wars which are designed to make the Zionists stronger and our people weaker, so that they might exercise even further control over us.

Jewish Americans represent 1.7% of our population yet wield enormous power over our political decisions.  This reality by itself and on its face is repugnant to a government based on equal representation for all citizens.

If you watched the entire debate you noticed that those candidates who are openly obedient to the will of the Israeli Zionists were coddled like good children.  Dr. Ron Paul is the only candidate running for president who will not have his actions dictated by Israel.

The road to our salvation is wide open and it is a simple path to follow as it was laid out for us by our founding fathers 222 years ago.  All we have to do is follow the map and in a short time we can be at our destination.  But we must be aware that people like Mike Huckabee and company are going to try to distract us and get us off course in the hope that we will become lost again and allow the Zionist further time and opportunity to destroy the map that is our Constitution, and leave us to wonder in the darkness of perpetual servitude to the Zionists, who would use us, our children and grandchildren, in the most vile ways to further their goals of world domination.

Here is a message for you Huckabee; I know you serve God, as Satan is indeed a god unto himself.  You are going to fail and you are going to be punished for your treason.  And when the first deportation barge leaves for the shores of Somalia we will make sure you are uncomfortably seated next to your treasonous cohorts, Bondi, Cuccinelli, and Pruitt.

What you and those you conspire with have failed to realize is that though you have created a situation where in the American people are forced to speak and act in accordance with political correctness, the American people have freed their minds and are saying in the privacy of their own thoughts, “I see what these Israeli Zionists really are, they want to hurt me and destroy my country to feed their elitist, arrogant, Zionist greed.”  But we are not Goyim, not animals that belong to the Jews.  We are free entities created by God and we will destroy the evil the Zionists represent.

God bless and protect Dr. Paul and deliver us from the evil Zionists.


2 thoughts on “Ron Paul Fares Well in Huckabee’s Zionist Forum

  1. Ever notice how Dr. Paul always seems so collected in his position, factual, and consistent with that thru all of these outings as the others often seem to stray… and at times seeming desperate on making some sort of splash to garner attention that they really do look ridiculous for doing so…they really do expose themselves for being the phonies that they truly are. Whether or not you align yourself with R. Paul or his position, credit is due the man for being consistent and decisive over the course of multiple decades in public service. I know not of one instance (thru my research) that would indicate that he ever vacillated far from his fundemental position regarding our Constitution as being supreme law going all the way back to when Nixon took us off the gold standard. To be this consistent throughout this measure of time is remarkable in itself. I know that I haven’t been that consistent regardless of what the matter was during that period of time. It’s simply unheard of anymore. A person of this capicity only comes along once in a generation at best. How can we not give this man a chance to put us on a path to the restoration of our liberty and rights under the Constitution as he prescribes and advocates. If we fail to do so, we deserve what will follow…and that will be the same ole song and dance…of that you can be sure of. Same as it ever was. What really do we have to lose…that we haven’t lost already….and what continues to be taken away from us as time passes. The time for hesitation has passed. Let’s put it back to the way it was intended to be. Think of those before us who railed at the king and all of his men to bring forth a way of life…unheard of at that time. Was it all for naught? How can we not take this chance of getting that back? How can we do that?

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