0 thoughts on “Ron Paul Highlights in 12/3/2011 Presidential Forum

  1. I love how they try to load the questions based on their Neocon Viewers by trying to make it sound that Ron Paul doesn’t want to protect people when he refuses to undermine the constitution. Sadly for Ron, his brilliance was like Pearls before swine, this was a public assassination attempt.

    Every question loaded in the form of an incredulous and off based accusation. Even when the barbie doll tries to interrupt him with a warning about time… Implying he is getting carried away. I Love when they try to imply he is against the amendments to the constitution to undermine the fact that he is called a constitutional conservative.

    Maybe they need to be caught in HIS web and face HIS questions.

    At least he was able to answer them all to my satisfaction but the neocons watching this probably scoffed at everything he said and stuck their thumbs back in their mouths.

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