0 thoughts on “Ron Paul Highlights in 2/22/2012 CNN Presidential Debate

  1. What ever happened to the questions about the fed in these debates?How are we going to purify the polluted streams without identifying the poisoned spring?And the owners of that spring who inject the poison?The verifiable history to answer these questions is more than ample to be worthy of reading.The Rothschilds’ and their sociopathic ,distended familiy is set to take over the world.More debate should be held in that regard.More,as in any at all.Even when the fed used to come up for discussion,the Rothschilds’ and the remaining twelve satanic families were never mentioned.These people have no armies.They only pay off political fools,media,and mercenaries like the mossad and the c.i.a. with fiat currency that our own treasury prints for them for free to intimidate and fool people into sparing them from the retribution they so richly deserve.We need to unite and multiply in the name of individual liberty or we shall soon be divided into death and slavery.They cannot win without the assistance of the masses.In fact if the masses weren’t drowning in their own ignorance,we could simply gather and laugh this soap opera off the stage.At the moment,that’s a big if.

  2. I’m not suggesting that we murder or even prosecute our current unelected masters.Simply that we make their currency as worthless as they have made ours.Then let them pay for their mansions and banks with their stolen gold.We’ll soon have it back because real wealth is in the production of tangible things and not in the printing press.However I feel that before the presses are destroyed we should print enough to pay off the debt plus the interest of the people of america and hand it over to the zionists so that their currency is further devalued.I further suggest that to show good will to our would -be masters that we offer our own currency to them in the form of low-interest long-term loans in the hope that they can keep their palaces,perhaps paying the interest by being guides to the tourists who arrive to marvel at the hideous wealth their chicanery once provided.

  3. carl hammel says:keep up the good work,Henry.You balance personal beliefs with the ideals of individual liberty so well that you and others like you will have and deseve my undying admiration.Life is good,my friend,but so is death.It’s all in what you live for.And what you die for.

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