0 thoughts on “Ron Paul Killing The News Media!

  1. Amen,brother.Did any of you read the report today that The Gingrich who thought he was going to steal Christmas says that when Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination it will be a tough vote for him because Ron Paul and Soetorro are synonomous?Maybe some jerk in the MSM should ask fannie mae newt if he would consider running third party.He’s toast.And to think that a statement of this absurdity would come from anyone in the presidential race, besides Paul himself,in which case it would be true about any other candidate is comical. The great witticist Oscar Wilde penned that”If you’re going to tell people the truth,make them laugh or else they will kill you.”I agree on the Paul security issues.Keep mossad ,fbi and cia as far away as possible These were the organizations in charge of protecting the pentagon and the twin towers and are widely known to protect the Rothschilds instead.Indeed ,these organizations are as full of Rothschild controlled zionists as the congress and Obama’s cabinet.

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