3 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Obamacare and Wild Mandates

  1. Once again I am totally confused by the facts. Can someone please tell me why I am compelled by the law to purchase auto insurance? Fines and penalties are levied for this and I hear NO complaints. Did not the same congress who wrote this law not read the same law that they wrote and vote into law? Anyone one with a reasonable explanation PLEASE HELP. I am totally baffled.

    1. Pat,
      It is really quite simple. Our right to freely travel the roads we have built has been turned into a privilege that those who are supposed to be our servants now grant us. In allowing this we agree to purchase a driver license. Licenses are for commercial activity and as such require an insurance bond. You see, the state can require a commercial operation to have insurance.
      We are a victim of our own stupidity for not refusing to have our free travel turned into a commercial activity.
      It is just another fraud and requiring a citizen to have insurance to drive up and down the road is unconstitutional, but we can only change this when enough of us become aware of the fact that our Common Law (public law for private purposes) that we are guaranteed in our Constitution has been replaced with Roman Civil Law (private policy being enforced as public law), which is merchant law, which is the corporations that now rule over us in changing our status from free men and women to essentially commercial property.
      If you would like to understand more go to http://rodclass.com/.

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