How to Run an Anonymous Account on Twitter

Patrick Henry Society – by Kit Perez

The Intercept has a fantastic write-up from front to back on how to create and maintain an anonymous Twitter account.

A lot of folks prefer not to use social media at all, and that’s fine.  For those staying completely under radar (as in, not posting anywhere), that’s no big deal. For those who understand the principles of propaganda and information operations, however, this is excellent information. Run several of them.  

Social media like Facebook and Twitter, for agitators and activists, can be one of the more productive battlespaces — not for the standard chest-beating and trash-talking, but for more underhanded tactics of thread takeovers, topic steering, and other fun activities. Learn how to do it right, then go do it. Just make sure you’re covering your rear end.

Hint: The other side has been doing it effectively for decades. Take a page from their playbook. Just because they hate you doesn’t mean they have nothing to teach you.

4 thoughts on “How to Run an Anonymous Account on Twitter

  1. There is no such thing.
    They don’t call that processor chip in everyone’s computers “Intel” for nothing.
    It’s not just a clever name.
    There’s a chip just like it in everyone’s cell phones.
    Personally, I don’t much care if the govt. is spying on me or not. At least they know where I stand and it does nothing except prove that they’re a bunch of lying cowards, afraid of their own shadows.

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