12 thoughts on “Rush – Freewill (Lyrics)

      1. Hey Angel-NYC, “I’m in Heaven, I’m in Heaven”, Bush ,Trump, Clitorina, and the rest gave enough material tonight to slam ’em good for a few months. The late night talk show writer’s we’re given a really swell early Holiday’s present since we can’t say “Christmas” anymore without some a$$hole makin’ a mountain out of a molehill.

        1. Trump to Cruz on stage, “You better not attack!” lol, WTF?

          Trump should have said “I’ll take Hillary to the woodshed out back and give her a lesson in she’ll never forget”. I’m sure “The Donald’s” been there, done that!

          1. By the way, I think “The Donald” couldn’t have looked more like a little purse lipped bitch than he pulled off tonight. I loved the shots of Trump pursing his lips while the other candidates criticized him, all, except his butt-buddy, Ted Cruz.

          2. Like with Bloomie, I change the channel when I even Hear that “The Donald” will be on. Watched the “Debate” once. That was MORE than enough.
            (You know how I feel about Ted Cruz. Gag…Barf)
            Yup, Lots of material to go off on. 😉

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