Russian Lawyer Says Snowden Has Applied For Tempory Assylum In Russia

Before It’s News – by Monica Davis

His Russian attorney says Edward Snowden has applied for temporary asylum in Russia. With all of the international attention being paid  to  Edward Snowden, we are really forgetting that he is also being used as a proxy for a fight between the US and Russia.

Russian president Vladimir Putin is in heaven, thumbing his nose at the US, calling us out for human rights violations with regard to Snowden.  

The temporary asylum would allow Snowden to freely travel and work in Russia, Kucherena said. He chose to apply for temporary asylum and not political asylum because the latter takes longer to consider. MOREHERE

Now Snowden can make money inside Russia, replenish his war chest and remoe some of the strain of being US public enemy #1.

 Edward Snowden, has become Public Enemy #1. In a mere matters of days this young man has been vilified by the Media, attacked by Political Leaders of all stripes and faced several scathing attacks surprisingly by individuals who identify themselves to being Left Wing. Snowden has been branded a traitor, coward, miscreant and the PR War being waged by the United States Government has been hot and heavy.  MOREHERE

The Snowden caper is turning into a keystone cops adventure, as Snowden evades, the Justice Department and Department of State howl and the public watches.

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