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Russian Military Source: Syria Received Panzer-C1 Air Defense Systems

syriaSyrian Arab New Agency

MOSCOW, (SANA) – A Russian military source said Syria received a batch of anti-aircraft missiles and Panzer-C1 air defense systems at the beginning of the current year.

The source said that the air defense systems were delivered in accordance with signed contracts between the two countries, pointing out that these systems were shipped to Syria by sea.

Anatoly Isaykin, Director of the Russian Rosoboronexport Firm, stressed that technical military cooperation with Syria is progressing under international law, indicating that his country exported air defense systems to Syria according to signed contracts.

Panzer-C1 air defense systems are highly accurate that could target all current and future air attack means available at an altitudeof 20 kilo meters high.

The speed of each missile is 1300 meters per second, as the system allows striking four targets at once. It also could hit land and marine targets, and is to direct its fire from mobile and fixed sites.

R. Milhem / H. Said


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3 Responses to Russian Military Source: Syria Received Panzer-C1 Air Defense Systems

  1. Cold Wind says:

    Perhaps these systems were destroyed or were not yet operational when the Israelis, completely unscathed, pulled off their recent attack? One has to wonder.

  2. Leo says:

    Yes. The Russian Federation is moving in a lot of military Goodies into Syria. Should be a major headache to the west and NATO .

    Is the west already responding to the Russian Leaders in kind for their support of the Assad Regime ?


    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      I saw a couple of articles on another site where the Russians were claiming that meteor was a U.S. weapons test.

      Nothing would surprise me these days.

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