Russian Troops Infiltrate USA

 Before It’s News – by Mark Brander  July 23, 2012  (stevequayle website)


There have been numerous events around Colorado in the current weeks. Recently, here in my area. A good friend was at a shooting range on 7-21-12. He was there only a short time, and called me. He said there were 3 very “buffed” men at one end of the range, and that they were speaking both perfect English and Russian at the same time! (As I understand it, from talking to a gentleman who knows, you would have to start a child at 5 yrs. old to accomplish that.)

My friend spent quite a bit of time with them. Asked them what they were doing in the States. Said they were”mechanical engineers” . My friend, former military and and an armorer, said he had never seen pistol shooting like that. 2 and 3 inch groups at 25 yards, rapid fire. He said, “You guys shoot pretty darn good for “mechanical engineers”! The younger of the 3 asked my friend if he would like to shoot his rifle. He said, “Sure”! After picking up the piece, he said he noticed it had a Red Star on the scope! He told the ‘ENGINEER”, “Hey! This is Russian military!” The Man said,” Really?” He also told me the ammo was not sold in the States. It WAS Russian military issue. He said the reticle was as good as he had ever seen. He then said, “You guys sure you aren’t Russian military!” At this point they got somewhat upset. He asked where they had been, The told him they been up in Canada, the younger of the 2, that is. They shot a little more, then left. Headed for the range office to check out.

Upon arrival at the range office, told the young lady in the office, “That was kinda weird, shooting with Russian guys with military gear. She said, “Oh, there’s lots of them!” My friend being stunned, said “What!’ She said, “Oh Yeah, there’s alot of them that shoot here!”

Having said that, it appears we have a “Spetnatz Nest” in No. Colo. Very rural and isolated at this range. Not much out there.

Upon making some contact calls, appears I might have a possible place for where they are placed. Will do a little “road trip” soon.

Also, a longtime friend has been doing some “vacation time” in SW Colo. Spotted Russian troops, In Uniform down in Creed Co. 12 with European style motorbikes. Spotted a local Deputy, walked over to him. Said, “What are these “Foreign troops doin’ here?!”.  The Deputy just rolled his eyes and walked off! My friend walked over to them and said, “Things are a little different here than in Mother Russia” They looked at him and just walked away.

A couple of days later, he was down by Wolf Creek, going to see the falls there. This was along Highway 149 going to Pagosa Springs.  There about 3 mins., a Russian helo flew over their heads at treetop level, moving fast. We have seen 4 different Russian helos here in No. Colo.

Also, during the “Exercise” at Ft. Carson, a friend of 20 yrs. who is a documentary maker called live from the base. Said, “Guess what I’m Looking at” I said, “What?”. He said, “Black C-130’s with Red stars on the tails, doin’ touch and go’s”

Thats all for now, Steve. Will send more.

Keep The Good Work!!
God Bless,

May 13, 2012  (stevequayle website)

A week ago I was at Fort Carson on business picking up surplus equipment for the town I represent under a government program that gives surplus military equipment to local law enforcement agencies.

We’re going into what is commonly referred to as a boneyard as a group of soldiers were coming out through a small gate. I accidentally bumped into one of the soldiers and he turned and apologized in Russian, I took a quick look at his uniform and noticed that there were no insignias of any type or name tags.

Being that he told me he was sorry in Russian I responded no problem in German and received a very dirty look. At that time a man that looked like a 1950s KGB agent walked up to him grabbing him by the collar and shook him as he screamed at him.   “English, you idiot, English.”

By the time he finished yelling at him we were out of range and I couldn’t tell what else was said but this was a platoon size unit of young man that seem to be very fit and I would not doubt that there are members of the Russian special forces. I have a little experience in spotting soldiers as I was in the Army as a military police officer for 10 years.

Will return to the administration building I ran into someone I met after Hurricane Katrina and we began speaking as I congratulated him about his promotion “whose name and rank I will not divulge” he tried me to his office and we spoke for about 20 min. while our chief law enforcement officer was signing out the vehicles.

The conversation turns in the past and present as he was surprised to see me in the uniform I was wearing and I asked him about the Russian troops. He started to stammer and he said what Russian troops? And my reply was the one I bumped into that study excuse me in Russian and his KGB handler who start raising hell with him.

He broke in to remind me that KGB no longer exist, on my reply was that, yes the KGB’s gone, but they’re using another name now and they are still in business.

He acknowledged that there were Russian troops on the base by head nod and asked him are they training with the 10th Mountain division again all I had for an answer was a head nod, then I asked why in the hell are we training the Russians with our best troops and he whispered that we are not training them, wer’e training with them. At that point he said he was busy and had to get back to work, it was nice seeing me and get the hell out.

Former State Trooper Greg Evenson has received corroborating info from highly placed sources in the Military.

Here is an excerpt from Evensons post at

By Dr. Greg Evensen  July 19, 2012

Most recently, I have received information from a retired senior commanderl who is in a network of “old school” senior officers evaluating the known intelligence concerning a two front combat theater of operations. To keep as much information available to an involved cadre of military and law enforcement agents/agencies, this unofficial, undirected, yet highly qualified working group, has arrived at the conclusion point as I will describe it here.

The overall engagement strategy here is to entice the American military into pledging huge naval assets in the gulf region. The Straits of Hormuz is the “choke point” for all things challenging to Iran. It is here that the Iranian Navy and Air Force will have their greatest chance to inflict REAL damage on our (homosexually celebrated) armed forces. This is a real point of smack down for the Muslims to bring utter destruction on the American military, the American armed forces, and the American people (infidel society). The Russians and Chinese do NOT have the immediate design or permission from the luciferians to openly face the Americans, however; they will be in the command and control loop that manages the combat theater, once operations begin. This entire scheme is part of a feint to also run interference at Diego Garcia, the staging area for material’ and air support. Russian, Chinese and North Korean subs are stationed there with surface ship support. It is clear that events are moving toward an engagement of historic proportions and cataclysmic repercussions on a Biblical scale. The Pentagon is operating on bluster and ineptitude on a staggering scale. Homosexuality has reached the highest levels of the Pentagon as well. The former officers who have seen this coming have disowned many of their complicit former colleagues, while watching in dismay as they move ahead with stupefyingly poor planning surrounding the commitment of at least two and possibly three Naval Carrier Task Force groups now in great harms way. (I add with emphasis the FEAR of these former officers who despise the surrender to politically correct forces in the White House and ladder climbers in the Pentagon who have set up our military for an incredibly disastrous defeat because they recognize God will not allow a “victory” by sodomite Generals on the field of battle. Their view and mine as well).

The “second” front is America itself. Combat troops from Russia and 14 nations, air assets, armor and artillery, fighter suppression through anti-aircraft batteries on movable platforms that can respond to changing air response grids as well as logistics, hardened communications and transportation hubs, compliment a training contingent that has masqueraded as “friendly forces.” The apparent use of some type of advanced accelerant in the massive western fires defies understanding or previous experience by firefighters in that region. “Almost nuclear” in its ability to spread fire and not be quenched by normal fire suppression methods suggests, but cannot yet be confirmed by scientific testing in labs, that intentional human complicity in the fires is virtually certain. Specific battle plans in war call for the destruction of natural and man made infrastructure by fire, specifically calling for great monetary, human and technological assets to be used fighting the fires as both a distraction and a planned reduction of the area involved to produce or exist on a “normal” basis.

(  Arizona says July 1 2012 at 11;39 pm :

I live in colorado and talk to these firefighters and I keep hearing RUSSIAN military are setting these fires,one fire fighter told me they caught russians setting off explosives six different times and the police would not arrest them so they came back home and said they ain’t fighting no more fires,well I guest they found something to keep all the russian troops busy in denver, SETTING FIRES……

May 24th 2012,  (stevequayle website)

I am a U.S. Air Force veteran of the cold and vietnam war. I guarded nuclear weapons and uploaded nuclear B-52 bombers at two Strategic Air cCommand locations in the U.S. during the early 70’s. I was trained to recognize various types and configurations of enemy and friendly aircraft from that era I said this in order to qualify myself to you as to what I observed in Denver Colorado on May 8th. I had taken a business trip to Denver for a week and spent a week there in the Aurora section of Denver. On May 8th I entered a large park to walk my dog in Aurora at approximately 10 a.m. I noticed a large solid white aircraft fly over the park at approximately 500 ft and it was traveling about as slowly as a jet aircraft could fly without stalling. It banked right and turned to the side and I stood there watching it and trying to figure out not only what it was doing but exactly what type of military aircraft that it was. When it completed banking right I was shocked because I was now looking at a large clear cock-pit for at least two men and a nose confirguration that was uniquely Russian. I then realized that I was looking at a Russian Back-Fire Bomber that was painted completely white with no markings whatsoever. It seemed to be circling over the city either to observe Denver or even to be observed almost as if it were showing off. It then left the area and I never observed it again. I am still unsettled about what I observed on May 8th and I still possess an ominous feeling about it.

speakthetruth says:   April 26, 2012 at 3:18 pm

WOW! I live near Ft Carson/Denver and have noticed some very strange things lately, to see this blows my mind! For the past few weeks I have seen more military marked vehicles that have sattelite dishes and all sorts of electronics on them, sometimes in large convoys and sometimes alone. I have seen some with Airforce markings and some with DOD seals on the doors. This last sunday my wife and I were having a picnic in the woods west of Ft Carson and had a C-130 flying tree top level for a few hours, touch and goes I suspect. Being an exparatrooper, and knowing the C130 is a paratrooper favorite, I wonder if they weren’t practicing for their visitors. I’ve been here 12 yrs and never saw ANY activity with the unmarked, non military looking high tech vehicles, and certainly not in such huge numbers. It was creeping me out before I learned of this “exercise”, now I’m really creeped out. To be clear, these weren’t your average, HUMVE and support vehicles, these were highly modified GMC trucks, they look much like ambulances in shape. There was a time when I wouldn’t post such things, but we can’t trust our own people anymore and the citizens need to know. Very strange and I don’t like it.

Crisis Jones says: April 27, 2012 at 3:10 am

Have been reporting on convoys of white (UN?) 1 tons to 5 tons with highly sophisticated built in communications systems on the move here in Northern California. Saw another three today out running errands. Looks like the UN is moving in. Let’s keep talking folks, ‘Communication’ is a huge part of warfare.

Thank You for the excellent report Shepard! Learned some things that Watson did not cover today. Good Luck Patriots! Every American Counts!

SoCal Patriot says:  April 28, 2012 at 8:24 pm

  • Repeatedly, just north of Los Angeles, we keep seeing very high luxury looking Motorhomes pulling white dual axle trailers, usually used for hauling atv’s. Except, these are not regular motorhomes. Typically rv’s of this size will have up to 365¢each a/c units and one satellite tv domes. These units have as many as 8the a/c units and 3one satellite domes. These are clearly unmarked military vehicles. The only thing needing that many a/c units are computer servers, . Todays military communications are extremely dependent on computer servers and satellite radio systems. It’s funny ironic, not funny haha, these rv’s come in all different colors but the trailers being pulled are always plain white, no markings at all, probably so any rv can pull any trailer. Usually folks that can afford these rv’s, also have matching trailers. Would love to hear if anyone else has seen units like this. Keep an eye on how many a/c units are on top!
  • Jeff Martin says: April 27, 2012 at 10:58 pm
  • I live in Missoula, Montana. On April 25, 2012, I saw a train load of camoed military vehicles on that train heading East. Maybe 100 or more. I spent 9 years in the military and I can’t say what these vehicles were. Most were the same and small, maybe in the 3/4 or 1 ton class. Small and highly mobile looking.?

12 thoughts on “Russian Troops Infiltrate USA

  1. The U.S. is going to pd. a very high price for setting back an let hussein obama do what every he wanted too, to this country. We will very lucky if Russia doesn’t take this country over with the moving more and more troops here. Why hasn’t congress and the military step up and done there job of bringing the charge of treason against hussein. Our congress is about as dysfunction as it can get. There is only a few who are not communist. hussein is getting is getting ready to take the country over for his mother Russia all the while no one is doing anything to stop him! We need out military hear at home to clean out the communist and the muslim in this country. “Why have we let this country get in such bad shape?”

    1. This goes back to 1993,May.Bubba Clinton wrote PDD (Presidential Decision Directive) 13.Later PDD 25 which stated,”the US will agree to have a United Nations commander exercise overall operational control over US forces.” This directive still remains secret and unavailable to Congress and the American public.On May 31,1994 Senator Sam Nunn of Georgia,along with seven other senators invited the Russian military to come to the United States for “peacekeeping purposes”.During the Waco Massacre,Janet Reno consulted the noted Russian psychological warfare expert,Igor Siminov of the Institute for Psychological Correction as to how to deal with the Branch Davidians.Back in 1968 Senator Thomas Dodd had the Library of Congress translate the 1928 Nazi Gun Control Act in order to use it as the model for the US 1968 Gun Control Act.So you see,we have had enemies in our midst at least since FDR.

  2. I believe we are facing zero hrs, or as the Nuclear Clock reads 11:59.5 to 12:00 Midnight, then all hell will break loose, this is the feel that I have been getting. I live on the east coast, on the Pennisula near Ft. Eustis. I to have notice russian uniforms in this area on occasion. It had not thought of it much to be an Issue until now. I also had not realized that all over the United States it appears that America is getting their share of a possible invasion force running through out the United States, I don’t like the feel of this. It never bothered me before, because Ft. Eustis seemed to be a one stop area for the training of troops from many different nations, but I never saw russian troopers. Being exmilitary myself, we were Trained to know the difference in uniforms, and weapons, along with the difference in aircrafts, and the different types of vehicles, so when I saw the troops in uniform, I knew who they were. America, since Obama has come into The White House, he has opened doors to America’s enemies, and believe me, Russia is America’s enemy, but it doesn’t appear to be this President’s enemy. I do not know how America’s top Brass who resides in the Pentagon put up with this President’s open door policy. Here when Obama was running for office the first time, he mentioned that he would have an open door policy, but I thought it would be for American citizens, instead he must have meant for Russia, Cuba, Venezualia, and all the other communist nations. We all need to keep our eye’s open, and start to pay more Attention to Details, if not we will be caught with our pants down with nothing to defend our country. I hate to say this, but this President is NOT good for America.

  3. Dear Mr. Shivley,

    I direct this at you and would appreciate any further follow-up you can do on this.

    I am sure that any non-military reader is alarmed by the above article,.. but for us former military, it goes quite beyond that.

    What the article above describes is nothing short of a “soft invasion”,.. where-in personnel and assets are pre-positioned in this country for a synchornized strike with external forces/events.

    What should also be noted is the comment about the shear incompetency and destruction of our military echelon via the corrosive and intentional interposition of the gay agenda into the military.

    Although I have no problem with what people do in their own bedrooms, It is completely incompatable with certain disciplines and moral values, especially the military. Let there be no question lingering in any’s mind,… the “celebration” of “alternative lifestyles” is wholly detrimental.

    So my question to you Mr. Shively,.. is can you post any follow-up to the above article that substantiates any of the anecdotal observations mentioned in the article?

    Of all the stories you have presented here, this may be the most important, as it shows that the US has been completely infiltrated, on every level, in vast areas of geography (assuming Colordo is not an islolated incident).

    Such activities could NOT possibly occur here in the USA without the COMPLETE complicity and approval, even assistance of our,…”government”.

    Can anyone get pictures, videos,… any form of supportive documentation of any nature?

    This is a story that should be carefully continued and posted.

    Thanks – JD – US Marines

  4. US Marine;although we’ve known for years that troops from other nations have come here to do joint exersises the idea of them living here does ruffle the feathers.The Russians will be at Nellis afb this month for joint exersises with the AF.This reminds me of the movie invasion usa but the diffrence is they are not comming in landing craft but in fact are already here.

    1. Hi Redhorse,

      Yes,.. I understand that foreign forces come here to train or even,.. sight see,.. hell,.. I got to meet a bunch of Russian Sailors/Marines when I was at Camp Pendleton (CA) and one of their carriers was located just off our shore. It was a little strange for me to Soviet soldiers here,.. but it was in fact not all that unusual.

      What they are addressing in the article, or by those individual stories suggests something altogether different, hence my request for clarification or support for the contention that their presence is more than the usual invitation to come and “be impressed” by America.

      JD – US Marines

      1. If Russian troops want to site-see, they should come on a tourist visa in plain clothes with their families like everyone else (with the exception of illegal Mexicans, of course, thank you Obama Dream Act). It looks better.

      2. Y do the elite russian troops need training???
        ls that like the “former” communist E. German troops “training” at Holloman AFB? Thy’ve been “training” 4 about 15 yrs now at HOLLOMAN.
        Next subject:ls ther eany truth that all military is training 4 civil unrest?
        l’ll look 4ward 2 Ur expedient reply.

  5. Sounds like we all need to start putting in some serious practice time in on the ranges.
    The problem is, in my area almost every last civilian range has been closed down, police ranges only now.

    Why am I not surprised.

  6. Does Russia allow fags in the military? Nevr! Traitor Bill started that when he was in office about 12-13 yrs ago…2 weaken the military!

  7. I am not surprised to here this at all. I just hope that our military will not stand idly by and or help these troops disarm the American public. I am not in the military but I am a patriot none the less and I will not let anyone tread on my people and country. With that said keep your powder dry and see you on the battlefield I’ll be there standing tall with my fellow patriots.

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