Russians in DHS uniforms working for/with FEMA, are these the missing Russians truckers?

Published on Aug 13, 2013 by chuckburns4usa

Truckers are reporting that tons of Russian and polish (eastern block) truckers have gone missing trucks and all. Now we find that in the Tennessee smokey mountains, a recently declared world heritage area made so by U.N., we find Russians In DHS uniforms stopping people like cops would and Highway patrol have found russians in DHS uniforms driving DHS armored vehicles around on semi pulled trailers along with other FEMA supplies. Put 2 and 2 together and factor in 15000 russians training last year for mass events in colorado with our military this amounts to nothing good.

10 thoughts on “Russians in DHS uniforms working for/with FEMA, are these the missing Russians truckers?

  1. Can barely understand what he’s saying.

    While there should be zero Russian troops in our country much less embedded within DHS, 15,000 Russian troops is not that many compared to the overall population of the U.S. Makes me curious though as to what marching orders these Russian troops are being given by DHS? Or should I say by the U.N. to see what they can get away with? What the (sleeping) Americans will allow them to get away with?

    Something to keep an eye on for sure!!

    . . .

    1. Its a lousy video recording. But he’s trying to make an attempt to wake up the masses. I just checked out another video clip of his. I give him credit for trying. I got to agree with him. I’m tired of talking, we should have done something about this long ago. The longer we wait, the harder its gonna be.

      His heart is in the right spot and he belongs here in the trenches.
      Check this one out.

    2. He said shoot to kill.

      I once read that during the first American Revolution, the King of England was having a tough time recruiting domestic as well as foreign soldiers for his cause. It seems word from the trenches got out that many of his soldiers were being killed by a single bullet to the head.

      *Note that the king referred to these American squirrel hunters as “terrorists”.

  2. OK… nice acting job… but what I want to know is why the brand-spanking new US flags draped the way they are and WHAT LANGUAGE IS THE SIGN IN BACK OF THIS DUDE’S HEAD? What does it say?

    What’s the logo on the T shirts?

    Weird beard… is he a Rusky doing a psy-ops on us?

    1. It’s English inverted, the film is inverted !
      if you want to read what it says get a mirror and you can read it !
      or you can fix it with a photo shop program !
      lol I’m not that interested in knowing

      Good luck… Torch

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