Ryan Braun told other players the urine collector was anti-Semitic Cubs fan

Aren’t the ‘Chosen Ones’ carrying this anti-Semitic thing a bit too far?

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Looking for support to back his appeal against a positive drug test before the 2012 season, Ryan Braun told stars around baseball Dino Laurenzi Jr., the man who collected Braun’s urine sample, was anti-Semitic and a Chicago Cubs fan, sources told Yahoo! Sports’ Jeff Passan.  

Braun was in search of players throughout the league to stick up for him while the appeal process was taking place. He talked with Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp, who he beat out for NL MVP the season before, Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto and Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, among others, the sources said.

According to Yahoo!, a number of players believed what Braun was saying.

Following Braun’s acceptance speech of the 65-game suspension, Kemp said he felt “betrayed” and was “disappointed.”

A source close to Laurenzi said the anti-Semitism allegation is false and his fan allegiance is unclear.

Braun avoided the 50-game suspension in spring 2012 because he won an appeal against the league on a chain-of-custody error due to faulty protocol in Major League Baseball’s drug-testing program.

At a news conference during spring training, Braun called Laurenzi “very suspicious.”

Because there wasn’t a FedEx store within reasonable distance of his house that would ship the sample according to MLB rules, Laurenzi kept the sample in his house.

Braun’s lawyers successfully argued that broke the chain of custody even though the lab that tested the sample said it had not degraded and was valid.

Braun has reportedly started apologizing to anyone he lied to about his use of PEDs and plans on publicly coming clean about the issue.

It is not known if he has spoken with Laurenzi yet.


3 thoughts on “Ryan Braun told other players the urine collector was anti-Semitic Cubs fan

  1. Whenever a Jew gets caught doing anything, the person who caught him is an “anti-Semite”.

    They’re creating anti-Semitism in people who in the past, were completely indifferent to Jews (like myself). I’ve had several Jewish girlfriends, and many Jewish friends in my life (hard to avoid in NYC), but now that I know too much I won’t let a Jew anywhere near me.

    Discovering the truth has made me an anti-Semite, simply because the Jews commit so many immoral, and inhuman acts against gentiles as a result of their cultural heritage, and always defend each other regardless of how heinous the crime, that they really do need to be sent out of here permanently.

    Millions fought and died to give them Israel. I say send ’em all there, and ban them from ever entering this country again. It may sound extreme, or racist to say such a thing, but Ben Franklin himself, in a letter to George Washington, proposed a constitutional amendment prohibiting them from living here. He wasn’t a racist. He knew their history.

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