Sabotage Suspected As Russian Gas Leaks From Ruptured Nord Stream Pipelines In The Baltic Sea

Forbes – by Christopher Helman

Today the Danish Armed Forces released remarkable footage of massive leaks of natural gas bubbling up from the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to the surface of the Baltic Sea. There were also two leaks reported on the twin Nord Stream 1 pipelines in Swedish and Danish waters.

Danish authorities restricted shipping, imposed a small no-fly zone. There are three leaks, said Danish Prime Minister Metta Frederiksen. “It is hard to imagine that what is happening is a coincidence.” The Polish prime minister said it must be sabotage. A Ukrainian official called it a Russian attack.

Nord Stream 1 consists of two parallel lines that can each carry 27.5 billion cubic meters of gas 1,220 miles from Vyborg, Russia, to Lubmin, Germany. From there the gas branches off into the European grid. For years Nord Stream 1 had been Europe’s biggest import pipe. In July Russia had cut deliveries on Nord Stream 1 to just 20% of capacity, blaming lack of spare parts for a compressor station. Gazprom owns 51%, with German, French and Dutch partners.

Nord Stream 2 had been completed in 2021 but has never been used. So how is there any gas in it to leak out? Because the operators of the line had filled it with 117 million cubic meters of gas in order to commission and test the line. As pressures rapidly decline the dramatic half-mile-wide Baltic Sea bubble show will fade.

Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov reportedly said the Kremlin was “extremely worried” and that “no variant can be ruled out,” when considering the cause. “This is an absolutely unprecedented situation that needs to be resolved quickly.”

And there is plenty of grist for the conspiracy mill—that maybe President Joe Biden had called in a hit on the pipelines. Biden, earlier this year (at a joint press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz), threatened to “bring an end” to Nord Stream 2 if Russia invaded.

“If Russia invades—that means tanks or troops crossing the border of Ukraine, again, then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2,” Biden said. “We will bring an end to it.”

“But how will you do that exactly, since the project and control of the project is within Germany’s control?” asked Andrea Shalal of Reuters.

“We will, I promise you, we’ll be able to do it,” said Biden.

Researchers at Uppsala University reportedly registered seismic waves in the vicinity of the pipelines that would be indicative of explosive blasts in the concrete-coated sections of steel pipe resting on the Baltic Sea floor. For the ruptures to have caused such enormous bubbling, the damage is presumed to be severe—underscoring for Europeans the harsh reality that there won’t be any miracle peace settlement that turns the Russian gas taps back on this winter. And it will certainly convince any holdouts that Europe must find a long-term bypass for Russian energy arteries. European gas prices jumped 14% on the day.

The upside, if any, goes to American gas frackers, as it solidifies near-term European demand for American LNG.

8 thoughts on “Sabotage Suspected As Russian Gas Leaks From Ruptured Nord Stream Pipelines In The Baltic Sea

  1. I think we all know who did it…

    I won’t speculate further but I can say…

    Having worked as an underwater ditch digger for 5 years with one of the largest pipe laying companies in the world (early 90’s) I can say without a doubt that this could be repaired in a matter of weeks. According to what I’ve read the pipelines are in 70-80 meters of water (230-260 feet) which is deep enough to require a mixed gas diving system (compressed air becomes toxic about 210-220 feet) but that should be standard equipment for any commercial diving company in the area. I only speak on things I know and I know damn near everything about underwater pipelines.


  2. Well it looks like the elite are doing everything to ignite a full blown world war with Russia as well as getting rid of our dependency on oil in favor of electric and other green alternatives all in the name of “climate change”.

    We all know they’ve been deliberately spilling and draining gas and oil around the world for a reason. The only way to get the people of the world dependent on what they want is to destroy the existing system of dependency that the people are currently on. Destroy the old order in order to create a new one. Just like what they are trying to do with the dollar. Inflate the dollar so much that it becomes worthless, so the people will be forced to use their digital currency.

    Unfrigginbelievable….the extent at which these psychopaths will go to in order to destroy the world and it’s people so they can become rulers over whoever remains in the new one.

    1. Which is exactly why there’s realistically only one option in dealing with these utter freaks if people want their children to live free!

    2. And not just people. How much marine wildlife will be murdered because of this…and aren’t those nations in that area nations that rely a lot on the fishing industry? Right–protect the environment, yeah right! And I’m sure “Xtinction Rebellion” woke idiots will cheer on this event as their psycho masters pay them to do so. A reminder though from Revelation 11-“God will destroy those that destroy the Earth.”

  3. Now that we have destroyed (Can blame on German ww2 ordnance lol) Nordstream 1 and 2 we can once again work on the pipe line proposed by the USA beginning at Qatar and heading to Europe after we kill off and replace the leader of Syria with a USA puppet. The USA will profit bigley… : )

  4. Next coming?…the criminal psycho elites cut the underwater internet cables from the US-Europe….and blame it on Russia….?

  5. Sounds like a big lie! A distraction to escalate This PHONEY F-KING WAR!! What has this bllsht accomplished!!??!! A total distraction from what is happening to OUR FCKG HIJACKED COUNTRY!! LET THIER PIPELINE LEAK!!!! FK U IM NOT BITING!!! We got bigger fish to fry.

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