9 thoughts on “San Diego CA Nuclear Event

  1. So the bottom line, as always, is that they have incompetamt workers as always so as to always have a fall guy to blame. It realy shouldn`t be all that hard to find who should be responsible if they are a credible business, would it be? I mean realy now, nuclear plant executives, a GD kid could track who is responsible for f*ck ups as serious as a nuclear fallout. Just look at the records and make sure those who are responsible are held accountable eh. I mean they do keep records don`t they?

  2. They keep such records at nuke plants that if you work in one you have to log your bathroom breaks and reason for usage! Everything and I mean everything is recorded and logged. And If you go into high risk you are escorted by armed guard. Every door is baged through and time in is recorded.

    1. Yep nobodysname, and that is exactly what I was sayin`. It dosen`t ever seem like there is ever anyone held accountable when anything bad happens like a meltdown or something else, ya know.

  3. When they (politicians and management) say something is safe to restart, despite clear evidence to the contrary, that’s when you know it’s not safe and it is all about the money and power and not about the safety and security.

  4. ran at 70% is their solution?that is like saying my vehicle engine is failing, so I will just drive at a slower speed.

  5. I’ll bet that the lunatics who want to re-start this reactor live a few thousand miles away from it.

    Funny that Mitsubishi builds reactors in California, and G.E. builds them in Japan, as if they want to be as far away as possible from their monster creations. It’s like a carpenter refusing to walk under a roof he built.

  6. I think I’ll go with the whistleblower. No woder he doesn’t go public. Look what happenes to those that blow the alarm whistles. Prosecuted or “offed”

  7. Of course, they tell you the truth in the middle of the story, but at the end they give the official word and provide the complete company statements on the news website. Humans recall recency (the last thing said) most readily.

    The only question that needs to be answered is: are 17.9 percent of over 19,000 tube damaged? Is that supposed to happen? Does that not lay bare the coverup of the responsible parties?

    That should not be the end of the news story, but the promise to followup by responsible news people, which these readers obviously are not. It seems to expose something, but really just gave the obligatory lip service.

  8. the situation in japan (and elsewhere) is not going away. i would like to believe it was all just an accident or force of nature but i can’t. does this mean the pacific ocean is slowly dying? so much going on at one time that i do not see it getting better from here.

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