San Francisco man used alligator to guard $100,000 pot stash, cops say

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Police who entered a man’s house for a probation check found a $100, 000 stash of marijuana guarded by a five-foot-long alligator.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that when Alameda County deputies entered the home of Assif Mayr Wednesday afternoon for a probation check, they found 34 pounds of marijuana and the alligator in a tank in the bedroom.

Sheriff’s Sgt. J.D. Nelson says the alligator was likely used as deterrent against marijuana thieves.

Nelson said Mayr bought the alligator—known as Mr. Teeth—in 1996 to “commemorate the death to rapper Tupac Shakur.”

“As soon as you get near it, the pleiglass area, the alligator gets agitated,” Nelson told

Nelson says Mayr was arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of possessing marijuana for sale.

The alligator was taken to Oakland Zoo. Officials there described it as very sick and said it was being cared for at the zoo’s veterinary hospital.

The Associated Press contributed to this report
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