San Francisco Woman Accused of Stabbing, Dismembering Roommate

Breitbart – by Katherine Rodriguez

A San Francisco woman is accused of stabbing and dismembering her roommate after police discovered decomposing pieces of her roommate’s body oozing from plastic bags in a storage container, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Police arrested and charged Lisa Gonzales, 47, on suspicion of murder Saturday when authorities discovered that her 61-year-old roommate had been reported missing, the Daily Mail reported

Gonzalez told the police her roommate, Maggie Mamer, did not want to move out of their apartment in Mission District and that the two of them got into a verbal altercation on May 15, prosecutors said. Mamer paid about $400 in rent to live in the apartment, and prosecutors suspect that a disagreement over rent may have been a factor in Mamer’s death.

“When asked about what happened next, the Defendant informed investigators that she thinks she ‘flipped,’ but didn’t have a ‘real recollection’ of what happened,” prosecutor Adam Maldonado stated in a court filing. “When asked what the Defendant thought took place, the Defendant replied, ‘probably nothing good.’”

Police say they found the victim’s dismembered arms and legs on top of her body inside the storage container.

“When officers opened the plastic container, they observed a large, black plastic bag which was covered in maggots,” Maldonado wrote. “Officers observed a dark, (viscous) liquid bubbling from the sides of the large plastic bag.”

Gonzalez is scheduled to appear in court for her arraignment Friday and is being held without bond at the San Francisco Jail. She is also currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

10 thoughts on “San Francisco Woman Accused of Stabbing, Dismembering Roommate

  1. Good God….. first the eye-ball eater, and now a vivisectionist.

    Are you feeling okay today, Hatr? Where the hell do you find these articles?

    1. LOL… slow news day, had to run with the psycho faction stories to start with, JR.

      I visit the same 10 sites every day, in the same order, with one optional occasionally – Moonbattery.

      1. Well you found good psychos. Cream of the crop.

        Slow news days worry me. Reminds me of the old cowboy movie cliche…… “Quiet out there..”
        “Yeah….too quiet”.

  2. San Francisco? Really? Isn’t an apartment there like $3M for a broomcloset? How does a psychopathic Mexican live in one of those?

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