Sandy Hook Cops at Boston Bombing?

Before It’s News – by Bruce Wayne

The Boston bombing was a tragedy and our hearts go out to the many families that have loved ones killed or injured in this horrific event.

Personally, my only comfort from the event was that I was sure that it was in fact a real event (not a false flag for political gain) and that the real terrorists had been killed or caught. I was so relieved to see that with all the security cameras and people taking pictures, videoing, eye-witnesses, etc. that it would mean that I could be 100% sure of the accuracy of any and all main stream media’s reports concerning the events of that tragic day. it was the most watched and witnessed terror event in history. The bad guys were caught and I was proud of our government for saving the day.

That was until I found a particularly interesting comment and images in a thread on another BIN article. I haven’t seen anyone on MSM or Alt news talk more about it, so I thought I’d write a brief article. To me, these three black water / craft / undercover officers like very similar to the guys interviewed as Sandy Hook local police.

When there is one person that looks the same between different pcitures, it’s hard to know if you’re perhaps – – just mistaken. But I had to ask myself, are all three of these genttlemen in both pictures the same guys? They are even aligned the same as in the Sandy Hook Interview – very Peculiar to me. Idon’t know, they might just look alike, or be working off-duty in Boston at the time?  Could they have been at both the Sandy Hook event and at the Boston Bombing, unless there is some connection? I don’t profess to know – but some journalist somewhere should find out the details.

And, no I have not verified names. All I’m doing is commenting on the fact that these three gentlemen look very similar. I do not report to know whether or not these are the same three guys at both events. They may be completely different people, or they may be moon-lighting in Boston – who knows. I’m not suggesting anything nefarious is afoot. I just thought it was worth pointing out as a little strange.

What do you think? Does it matter?

I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.” — Galileo Galilei

26 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Cops at Boston Bombing?

    1. Yea, I was thinking the same thing, John. The guy in the middle has a slight resemblence, but the other two don’t look like they match.

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    Three cops from Sandy Hook,… who just happen to be at the Boston Bombing,.. together, wearing the same “undercover” outfit, even altogether in the same picture,…

    Coincidence,… yeah,.. right.

    We now have one common thead (3 actually…) which demostrates that the gov’t apparatus that pulled of the Newtowm Theater,.. are the same stage craft magicians that were brought in for the Boston Boffon Theater.

    These people hold us in such contempt,.. they don’t even try to hide their efforts anymore.

    ….and the sheeple say…..”can’t be!,… “can’t be!”,……..

    JD – US Marines – Yes sheeple,…. it is.

    1. Hey JD Did you see the “principle”(that died) from sandy hoax picture and she was at boston marathon if not I have it stored.

        1. NC ,I’ll mail the pic to henry tommorrow,I saved it in my pictures and dont know how to copy and paste the damn thing but it is the same woman who “died” at the sandy hoax she was (wink wink) the pricniple ,who called the paper and then was killed.

          1. Hey#1 I forgot where I got the picture of “donna” but thats damn sure the pic I saved and its damn sure the SAME ACTOR that died at sandyhoax. your the man #1 now how about that banner at ground level for the bomb expert davey,did you see that one

          2. Just read it #1. Interesting. Man, this false flag is just completely absurd and all over the place. I think they were trying out a hundred different scenarios and none of them could fit no matter how hard they tried.

            It all comes back to Henry’s satire article about gold being stolen from Fort Knox by North Korean, Islamic, Right wing extremist Militants from China, Russia and Mexico.

            The absurdity level is off the charts.

        2. NC, I just e-mailed you one that would be related to that. By the way, did you get that one I sent ya last night called “f*ckin Massholes” ? Just wondering. 🙂

      1. Hi NC,

        Entirely possible these are not the same people, its hard to tell from these pics.

        The guy with the hat on cannot be matched (can’t see his face), the guy in the middle is close to a dead ringer,… but not definitive. The 3rd guy to the right looks similar, but has a different hairline.

        I just went by the article title assuming someone had done a comparison, or had specific knowledge to imply it.

        Best if I’m a little more discriminating next time.

        JD – US Marine

          1. Haha! Spielberg. Aw…man..This story has gotten way out of whack. Next you’ll be hearing that Satan himself was there. lol

          2. Hey, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw evil Officer Cox from the Round Rock police in one of the photos there, too. lol

            It wouldn’t surprise me coming from the Gestapo police force.

  2. They fu..ed this one up bigtime . But they been doing that for 50 years. It appears they put no effort into these ops because the media can sell whatever they dish out. Sad part it works , good for us more are waking up every day We need to spike the koolaide and wake up more sheeple. The MFIC’s appear to be infighting now , trying to cross muslim hatred with constitutioalists and truthers.
    Every one we wake up gives us better chance of stopping these morons

    Keep it simple
    the picture of the guy in the wheel chair is so wrong on so many technical and medical points that even the most biased observer can see the BS

  3. With all respect, they just do not look the same… I have seen many pics and videos with these three some-special-unit guys from Boston and they just do not look like these three cops on that picture. Two of them are just same types – but that is where the resemblance IMO ends…

  4. Your article posted by #1 NWO Hatr titled “Sandy Hook Cops at Boston Bombing” is an early draft version of the article. The author forgot to add a question mark in the title and adjusted text to clarify that only a question is being asked – nothing nefarious is suggested in the article. If the guys are Sandy Hook cops (might not be, just look similar) it seems reasonable that they could have been moon-lighting at the marathon – perhaps protecting the Sandy Hook victims that where present – don’t know.
    Can you please upload the current version or delete?

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