Sandy Hook Shooting False Flag- Bad Actors Used to Take Away the Second Amendment

Published on Dec 19, 2012 by thepaulstalservice

The entire event is really very pathetic- From the threats of arrest if you report anything that the official sources are not parroting, to the bad actors used to try and pull on America’s heart strings- this event was 100% manufactured for fear.

A “weak, pathetic shooter” just like Aurora- who is at the same time extremely smart- What they are doing here is making it seem like “without a gun, this person would be completely impotent and could not hurt people”.

There is ZERO surveillance camera footage of the event (even though the school had cameras, and a state of the art surveillance system) This is EXACTLY like the Aurora shooting (also plenty of video cameras around the theater, and in police cars, but nothing shown to the public) as well as the Norwegian False Flag- Anders Breivik nonsense, where the supposed super killer drives through the entire city of Oslo and on Norwegian highways without being captured on camera ONE TIME! This in a day and age of ubiquitous surveillance cameras on every single block (at least!)

Sandy Hook was 100% for sure a false-flag, the purpose being the disarmament of the American population, in preparation for more “Patriot Act” “NDAA” “FISA Bill” etc. illegal nonsense to be forced on the gullible, unsuspecting, and emotional American public.

Only proper education on the subject, and anti-mainstream media activism will make the bewildered American public realize we are all being played like a fiddle.

25 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Shooting False Flag- Bad Actors Used to Take Away the Second Amendment

  1. Yes, it is all very odd. It also transpires that a few of the so-called ‘memorial pages’ for the victims were built weeks in advance on Facebook, how can this be? “RIP Victoria Soto” was created 4 Days ‘BEFORE’ the supposed shootings. From what I understand one cannot alter the date on Facebook. The poster, after being rumbled posted a message stating: That it was a different page. That she renamed to be a tribute page for her, but the problem is, you can rename a page but, you cannot rename a URL, so this poster lied! This web page alone proves that the shooting were an inside job and that this teacher was to be specifically murdered and used as a poster girl hero a bit like how flight 97 that was shot down by a missile on 9/11 and was subsequently said to have been hijacked and overturned by all American, heroic, patriot citizens.

      1. The page has now disappeared from Facebook. Some serious shit going down with this whole story. America needs to be disarmed, so when martial law is introduced the populace won’t be able to defend themselves.

  2. “make the bewildered American public realize we are all being played like a fiddle.”

    Question: You want to make the Elite proud of how well you can play on command.

    Or do you want to have the cold chills run up and down their backs by showing how bad the sound can be, if you don’t want to play ball according to the rules they have set and are set intentionally to make you lose.

  3. I am at a lose as to why nobody has bought this up. The weapon found in trunk of the mother’s (?) car was not a AR-15 .223. It was a AK-47 7.62X39. The bolt of the AR-15 operates from the rear of the receiver, not the side. The pistol grip gives it away.

    1. the hand guards make it look like a saiga, with all the talk of 223 rounds I wouldn’t be surprised if there was no bushmaster to begin with…

        1. I couldn’t tell what the material it was made of, just with the charging hand on the side the appearance of the hand guard and mention of 223 being used is how I came to the conclusion.

          The other thing thats weird is the butt stock looks like it belongs on a hi point carbine… odd

          1. Some observations on the video:

            Why are these guys investigating in the dark? With flashlights? They should have that whole area lit up like daytime.

            Also, you see those three dudes? The one handling the weapon, one holding the light, and the one to the right of him? Look at those guys. SERIOUS dudes. Younger…..good physical condition. If I didn’t know any better I would say they were military. Tier-1 military.

  4. I think the government should just drop the facade and from here on end just issue all it’s decrees in German………..

  5. Well, the good news from the Sandy hook shooting is the fact that the event had exactly the opposite effect on the people of this country, rather than putting everyone in fear of the guns, many realized that the government will stoop so low as to kill our kids to get their so called “Gun Control”, that millions are going out to buy guns to protect themselves from an out of control system that has been exposed to such an extent that people are now arming themselves to protect themselves from TYRANNY! Talk about “Transparency”!

  6. This is a great site and I like to direct you all to Veterans today…read the posts on the Sandy Hook articles apparently the car with the gun in it found at the scene was not registered to any Lanza…it was registered to the guy that was in handcuffs.

  7. Always keep in mind that the ultimate objective is to dissolve the USA through a civil war and in the resulting chaos be brought under the control of the UN.
    Remember that under Article 51 of the NATO Charter, any member nation whose government is threatened by an insurrection will be aided militarily by all other member nations. (i.e. foreign troops will be on your streets.) Lord Robertson made this point abundantly clear right after 9-11-2001.
    This is a reason that the secession movement is being promoted in the MSM.
    The two opposing sides are being armed and lined up. Remember 1861.
    Tread carefully on this.

  8. Where to begin? Does anyone even remember what a “genuine” event looks like? If it was a total surprise there would be day after day investigation, video footage, biographies of the “players”, etc.. Instead we get instant resolution. We actually got threats not to discuss this from Porky. Just like with the Aurora shooting, it doesn’t make sense. What happened to all the testimony? Where are the videos? How does one guy shoot that many rounds so effectively? The timeline doesn’t make sense. Just like with Holmes, you don’t dress like Robocop and just waltz into a school.
    Is that really their medical examiner? He’s seen “thousands” of shooting victims. Where’s he from, Palestine? Since when did it become standard to hide all the evidence and just as the public to take their word for it? Are we to believe that he takes the long gun and shoots everybody with .223 rounds, returns it to the trunk of his car, goes back inside and shoots himself? Why?

  9. I’ve got a better question for all of you:

    Where the hell are the bodies? Has ANYONE seen ONE SINGLE PHOTO of ONE SINGLE BODY???

    This Twilight Zone b.s. just ain’t workin’ for me.

    1. One of our people, Kathy who lives two miles from the school, attended a couple of the funerals. The caskets were open. People were killed. How many, how, and by whom is the open question.

  10. There’s an elephant in this room that no one is talking about. The two teachers killed were Special Ed teachers. The principal has her degree in Special Ed, and one of the other women killed was a Special Ed aide to a student. Where these kids Special Ed kids? The class sizes seem to indicate that this is possible. That many 6-7 year old first grade Special Ed kids in one school seems like a lot. Is Sandy Hook a Special Ed school?

  11. There’s another, even sicker, strand to this. There are ties to a pedophile ring with connections to this school. As a parent of a disabled kid I can attest that this sort of thing happens. One possibility (although I have no proof for this), is that some of the local politicos were involved with this. That would make selection of the victims a little more understandable.
    It was said that Ms. Lanza was home schooling Adam (possibly) to keep him away from them.
    It seems clear from the “evidence” that things did not go exactly as planned in the script. I’m coming to think that the scenario whereby they kill the Lanzas at home and transport Adam to the scene makes pretty good sense. That would leave the other shooters as part of a “wet work” party that did the actual deed. The early reports had Ms. Lanza dying at the scene and as a school teacher. She didn’t and she wasn’t.
    This also goes a ways toward explaining why Porky is so worked up about controlling the discourse. They have audio of them “proning out” suspects and detaining one in front of witnesses. The whole thing stinks to high heaven.
    As they said on “Veteran’s Today”, “someone was putting out all these reports”. How does that happen? They had the father, the other son, the mother….., all tied up with a “plausible” storyline. They put it out to the “media” and they then had to retract some of it. Normally something like that could happen. But when it does it usually isn’t quite so “involved” and detailed.
    It is hard to see this as anything other than planned. Just like with the botched reports on WTC 7 from the BBC, someone got their script early and their logistics timing was off. In this case the logistics didn’t go as planned and neither did the story. Our “friend of the First Amendment” from the State Trooper’s office is scrambling to do damage control. Could he be connected to the local pedophile ring like in the “Franklin” incident?
    I don’t know. Something like that would make these people a likely target.

    1. Very interesting.

      I actually listened to a psychic reading on Sandy Hook. The psychic said that Nancy Lanza was targeted because she was “complaining” about something and making people angry with her.

      The impression is that Nancy Lanza was was very vocal about an issue in her community and “people” were getting pissed about it.

  12. Why Sandy Hook?

    If you look at that elementary school you will see that it is surrounded by woods and has only one access road into the school. Very easy to shut off and contain the site after the so-called “massacre”.

    Are The Children Alive?

    Maybe. I haven’t seen any bodies. The so-called “medical examiner” is a buffoon and the parents of the “victims” have exhibited very strange behavior. Also, one must examine the adult “victims” at Sandy Hook. If the children were taken alive from that school then they would need “minders” after the event. So let us look at the victims.

    School principal: The children would view her as an authority figure and would listen to her.

    School psychologist: Would look after the children’s mental health while they are “away”. The parents of the “victims” would demand she be part of the deal.

    4 Female Teachers: Would look after the children and be responsible for providing their education while “away”.

  13. I believe the “Building 7” weakness in their plan at Sandy Hook is the vp.

    First reports are usually the most accurate. One of the first we heard is that there was a meeting in the school’s office, 7 people at a conference table. At the sound of shots, the principal, vice principal and school psychiatrist exited the office and confronted the shooters in the hallway. They went down in a hail of bullets, principal and psychiatrist dead. Vice principal wounded in the leg crawls back into the office, she asks a mom to call 911, probably locks the door saving their lives.

    The VP, a woman, has been scrubbed from the school’s website, scrubbed from the internet it seems, has not been interviewed, has not made a statement and nobody has identified her by name.

    Other teachers that were killed have been glorified as heroes (Let’s roll) although there are no surviving witnesses to their heroics but the surviving hero and witness is being hidden.

    She actually faced the shooters in the hallway and witnessed a hail of bullets. Where is she? What is she saying?

    Building 7 was a SNAFU on 9/11. The building was rigged for demolition but the airplane (FL 93) got shot down on the way to NYC by Major Rick Gilbey in a stray F16. They took the building down anyway. A major flaw in the plan. A major weakness in the Osama Bin Laden story.

    Will the VP go along with the lone crazed killer story or will she disappear?

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