Sara Weaver (Ruby Ridge Survivor) Speaks Out On Cliven Bundy Situation

Before It’s News

Sara Weaver makes a surprise call into the Josh Tolley show and urges people not to take the Cliven Bundy issue in Nevada lightly.

I have included two more video interview with Sara Weaver and how she recalls her experience at Ruby Ridge and describes that horrible event in detail.  

Sara saw her family gunned down in the skirmish at Ruby Ridge. Today, she walks in forgiveness and the light of Christ.

Having been a victim of an over-reaching government and witnessing the loss of her brother and mother, many would think hatred and bitterness would claim her future. Sara Weaver chose God and His grace and mercy instead.

We discuss today the Federal raids on Ruby Ridge and the Weaver family, as well as the Branch davidians of Waco Texas, the Federal over reach of authority.

Sean Hannity interviews Cliven Bundy and refrences Waco and Ruby Ridge. This shows you a little history on the Bundy case.

One thought on “Sara Weaver (Ruby Ridge Survivor) Speaks Out On Cliven Bundy Situation

  1. I know this might not be a popular question
    but she sounds and looks bought off

    where did she get the money for all of that? ..did the government pay her to STFU?

    I sure hope your true to your family girl..because if your shitting on your dad,and your dead family members the US public will not be so kind if the truth were known

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