Sarah Palin Saves Haiti

Former Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin, was in Haiti on a humanitarian mission for the weekend.  She traveled to Haiti with the Reverend Franklin Graham, son of Reverend Billy Graham.  Haiti is still recovering from a devastating earthquake which occurred some eleven months back.  This coupled with the recent cholera outbreak has left the country in a deplorable state.  There are more than one million people homeless and the streets are filled with violence following the presidential election which was held two weeks ago.  Many Haitians believe the election was wrought with fraud.

Sarah Palin banned all media except for Fox News from attending any of the events that she would be a part of.  Sarah’s getting smarter.  She held a news conference wherein she refused to take questions because she said she does not want to get political.  Come on Sarah, you got political when you got on the plane headed for Haiti.

At her press conference, Palin thanked the press for keeping a spotlight on Haiti and if that spotlight happened to shine on Sarah and make her look more presidential, well gee golly, there are benefits to helping starving people.

Palin now has her own reality show.  I have not watched the series, however in one clip I saw on the news she took a shot at a caribou and missed.  After which she quickly rolled to the side and the guide, who was lying prone beside her, grabbed the bolt action rifle and shifted in another shell.  I know women who hunt and I promise you they do not need anyone to work the bolt on the rifle for them.

There is at present a campaign to sell Sarah Palin to the American people as something she is not.  She is not a hunter and she is not a brilliant tactician.  Anybody who remembers the 2008 presidential campaign knows that Sarah Palin is a dizzy, bubble headed bimbo and the only reason she was governor of Alaska was because, well, it’s Alaska.  I have to admit that her assertion that she understood foreign policy because she could see Russia from her back window was to die for.

I like Sarah and I put the blame for her being made to look ridiculous on her handlers.  And if she should become president, what the heck, presidents in this country have become not but figure heads anyway.  Sarah’s visit to Haiti was nothing more than a photo op, but if it did help the poor people in Haiti in any way, I guess it was money well spent.

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