Satanism Exposed In Revolver Magazine

Before It’s News – by Radical Rose

This disgusts me. I feel ill just looking at the picture. :(

I even liked her when she first started her band…but this has gone WAY to far. The media is promoting satanism more and more each day! It’s like the norm? What happened… :(


I honestly feel sorry for her. Even if your into satanism it doeson’t make you a cool rock n’ roll star to dress super risque and get on your knees in a photo…just sayin’!

Now this is a REAL rock n’ roll star…did you see her dressing the way above? I don’t think so!

It’s YOUR Choice. Take Your Pick. Would you rather listen to this garbage?


Or these wonderful tunes?



37 thoughts on “Satanism Exposed In Revolver Magazine

  1. It is more in your face now, they are being more blatant. Every major show, grammys, superbowl, they are all done as rituals to satan. It is just so sick how they do this out in the open like it is normal.

  2. Addressing the comment about how they dress: Immodesty in dress is “common” among the majority of Americans and much of the world today. In America women dress in shorts, tight fitting and revealing clothes. Mothers and fathers allow their children to dress shamefully immodest every day in sports, school, and as a norm, not realizing they are as much addressing satanism as any of these are. The only difference is most people have lost all sense of shame, they don’t know what shame is any more – other than someone who dresses “more” shamefully or immodest than they do.

    In the early centuries is a story of two women who were devout Christians. They both prayed constantly, were charitable, practiced all the virtues, attended Church more than regularly and then one died. Some time later as the one was praying for the soul of her recently deceased friend, her friend appeared to her with flames all around her – she said: “Do not pray for me, I am in hell for all eternity, because I dressed “immodestly”, I dressed according to the “fashions” of the day. (This was in early century Rome).

    When a women especially dresses immodestly, tight jeans, pants, tight tops, revealing tops, sheer material, short dresses, even pants themselves and shorts, all those men who look at them and sin in their thoughts, those sins are also charged against the person who dressed immodestly.

    Pants alone was one of the first steps to “liberate” women from their femininity, from their virtue. Pants on women have a psychological effect on their virtue and character, addresses men’s attention to the crotch and rear of a woman and confuses their femininity thus replacing it with lust, sex, and a more intimate feeling of sexual display.

    So, many who think these satanic peoples are so bad should look at themselves, how they dress, how they dress their little or even older daughters like little street walkers. Think any year before 1950 or for the last 10,000 years and what was the norm of what we would call a “slut” or “street walker” or women lacking virtue – yep today’s women as a whole, no matter how much they may not want to think it – they dress just as immodest and will incur the same sentence as the young women in hell.

    So how close are our women and young girls away from satanism: They allow their children to listen to head banging music, dress in shorty shorts, tight clothes, makeup, short skirts, skimpy underwear (which is a tell tale sign of the idea of sexual arousal), watch immodest shows, etc. How many today watch movies with a “little” nudity – yep near every one of you in you home movies, HBO, etc.

    Years back my children were watching an action movie and at just one point of the movie was a quick scene of upper nudity. I caught the scene, turned off and warned my children of the slowly creeping corruption of morals and mankind. But dad it was only one little scene – yes but if you wanted to kill someone, to poison them you have some choices: First ask them to swallow the whole bottle of poison, which some will do (outright satanic activity) or you can feed it too them little by little by putting it in a nice tasty cake or whatever, something that they like or are attracted to, something they don’t see the evil present – immodesty in dress, abortion, feminism, homosexuality, contraception, divorce, drugs, pornography, all these are satanic and if you condone any of them, for whatever reason you conjur up, you have participated in evil and satanism. Those who voted for Obama and the Democratic Party, participated in public satanism by voting for a party that publicly endorses these vices and satanic actions, you are guilty by association and by your active vote which also supports these evils. Now the Obama Administration has endorsed and moved to make legal both sodomy and beastiality in the Military. Its pick your “satanic poison” with the assistance of your satanic President and present Administration, homosexuality, contraception, divorce, pornography in home movies, etc, abortion, immodesty in dress and allowing or assisting your children to dress immodestly, etc. But mom, every body dresses like this: And honey you look goood in that skimpy or short dress, tight jeans, low cut top, flesh clinging shear blouse, shorty shorts, etc: And the fires of hell are stoked for the anticipated new arrivals in the future.

    There was a time when most dressed immodestly, when vice was also rampant – and then came the “flood”. So the next time you experience a flood, storm, hurricane, tidal wave, or some extreme of nature, or even a catastrophe in your family, or war, think about your part in bringing this punishment onto yourself and your country.

    1. So I guess you want us all to wear Abiyas and Burkhas then…

      and I can’t wear the kinds of headgear women wear in Saudi Arabia…head sweats too much, and can barely stand to wear hats at all.

      Sorry, kiddo, I’m sticking with pants…modest pants, but pants nevertheless…and extra large t-shirts. If you don’t like it, lump it.

      1. I agree DL!! 🙂 I will take my sweat pants and a big ol’ sweat shirt anyday! Or if I have to dress “up” it is still very plain and modest, jeans and a big baggy t-shirt is my choice!

  3. If she’s a Satan worshiper, why is she wearing a cross? Shouldn’t it be upside-down, or something? (or is it obvious that all I know of Satan worship came from Hollywood?)

    I think that what we have here is a girl who has two choices: either dress and behave as the promoter advises, or go wait tables in Denny’s.

    Think about it. What would this bimbo be doing if she weren’t a rock star, and who is it that decides who’s going to be rich and famous? It obviously has nothing to do with talent, so these decisions must be made by others in the business.

    Most rock-n-roll these days is just show business and Tavistock Institute propaganda rather than any form of artistic expression.

    1. Exactly…I used to research rock stardom and what hoops these folks had to go through (for one thing, I wrote a novel about this sorta thing, self-published), and it turns out that only those who are approved by the powers-that-be and have enough talent to cover their butts “make it”…for the most part these rockers just pretend to be Satanists (but some truly are, which is why I can no longer stand to listen to Led Zeppelin…Jimmy Page is truly a Satanist and follower of Aleister Crowley…read the book “Hammer of the Gods”)

  4. Isaiah 5:20-21
    20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
    21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

    1. I have to disagree with you Ryan. Not that this was not just some ploy to make money, probably was, but doing that ad or article will not bring people in to Christianity, it is to drive people away from God not to Him. No Christianity does not control people, People control people, organized religion controls people, JESUS CHRIST sets people free, and I know that because he has set me free. Not everybody believes in the same things, not everybody believes in God or Jesus, that is a personal decision, God gives us free will to do what we please. He even gives us the free will to follow satan if we so choose. That to me is what is so great! Free will.

      Just know we all have to answer for our time here on Earth. JMHO

    2. I am truly happy to see every one speak respectfully to our lost friend here even though he is obviously not content in his life and projects that on those of us who has found true freedom through Jesus. I do not say this to be mean but in my experience most atheists are never just content to be non believers they feel like they must convert Christians to their “religion” which is exactly what atheisim is despite their denouncement of religion. more often than not they usually attack viciously any Christian who has a point of view. Well as for me I refuse to fall into the trap of hate. I hope you one day find the peace and Joy that our creator wants for you and until then I will pray for you

  5. People NEED to get away from “god”

    The inquisition happened for a reason… Christianity is nothing more than a tool to control people, abuse people and take “the powers of the mind” away from people.

    And you fell for it..

    “God” does not give one free will. If you choose to do something against “god” he wont hesitate to send you to a lake of fire. Thats not free will. Christianity STOLE much of its material from ancient PAGAN beliefs…

    WAKE UP!!! don’t just blindly and mindlessly follow what you were told to follow and believe in without QUESTIONING EVERYTHING… because thats exactly what TPTB WANTS! SHEEPLE who don’t question anything!!! Don’t let TPTB win!

    1. sorry the secular humanism world took my mind away, full of crap, drugs, depression, and hatred. I found Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit, which controls me and I am the happiest person, no more depression, I can deal with anything the Satanist powers want to throw at me! Sorry you are so lost, maybe one day you will find the Truth, the real truth not what TPTB have told you.

      You see the biggest commandment that God wants you to follow, LOVE! Love is the most wonderful thing on earth. You Love your neighbor, and your fellow man.

      You can keep coming back and you can put down, God, Jesus, Christianity, I really don’t care, I am so secure in what I know, people like you, I just pray for, but not everyone can be saved, sorry. Maybe one day you will see the light, I hope you do, it truly is freeing!!!

    2. ““God” does not give one free will. If you choose to do something against “god” he wont hesitate to send you to a lake of fire. Thats not free will. Christianity STOLE much of its material from ancient PAGAN beliefs…”

      Ryan, you obviously misinterpreted God’s word there with that lake of fire thing. Have you even read the Bible or are you just against it because you yourself are guilty of many things? God forgives you know. Just ask him with prayer and actually mean it. You’ll see.

    3. ryan,
      Why do athiests always feel the need to try to make Christians athiests? People like you give communists a good name. Why cant you just be an athiest? Why do you feel the need to try to bring us down with you? You obviously have done just enough research to make yourself sound like an idiot. True Christianity is not following anyone other than Jesus. People like you truly have no clue what the hell you are talking about. Just like the communists, you have to force your silly opinions on the rest. You are no different than the people we are gonna fight. Go back in your shell. The inquisition was done by the roman catholic church, not by true Christians, who are free people. Chris Matthews might agree with you, but we dont. We dont force Christianity on you, stop trying to educate the educated and get back to fighting the true enemy, unless you are the enemy. brother????

    4. Hey Ryan, the greatest deception Satan ever pulled off was to get people to believe he doesn’t exist.


      I rest my case.

  6. ryan, Here is where you are wrong, I was not alive during the inquisition, and either were you. I do not go to “church”. The inquisition was done by MEN in the name of God. Men can use whatever excuse they want for whatever reason they want, doesn’t make it right.

    Do not lump me in with main stream Christianity, or a church. The roman catholic church brought paganism into Christianity, do your research. TRUE LOVE FOR JESUS is NOT the roman catholic church.

    Get over yourself, you think you know more than the God that created us. Really? You need to rethink your atheism, I want no part of a secular world, if you do, go for it, your issue.

    JESUS CHRIST IS LOVE!!! 🙂 Always will be, no matter how man spins it!
    be an atheist, quit trying to change what we think, believe or not, it is A CHOICE! PERIOD.

    NC you are right, this guy has no clue about the Bible and repentance, even satan knows the Bible!!

          1. i guess our buddy ryan feels he did his job and has left us.
            or he went to the wrong place and has left because we arent stupid 🙂

  7. Bulldog, I think he seriously does not understand the difference between righteousness and religion, or he thinks that faith falls into a denomination. Faith in God is faith in God. I think it is important for us to believe in answering to a higher power, Otherwise we are only a hedonist, atheist human with only self-serving motives and I think we all know how that ends up. The tribe that is inflicting all this suffering on others is a prime example. Humility is a big part and the arrogance of those who refuse to accept that there is One that is far greater than us is their false sense of pride. Again, I am not religious but I do try to live fair and righteously and Proverbs 16:18 is appropriate. It comes before a fall and I will be happy to help these tyrants with their descent

    1. “I think it is important for us to believe in answering to a higher power, Otherwise we are only a hedonist, atheist human with only self-serving motives and I think we all know how that ends up.”

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    2. Proverbs 16:18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

      Proverbs 16:19 Better it is to be of an humble spirit with lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud.

      Amen Martist, belief is not religion!

      1. Thank you Missy and NC. I tread lightly in the religion area because I believe your right to believe something belongs only to you and should be respected as long as it doesn’t harm or impose anyone else. I spent 13 years in a fundamentalist school/church and it was rife with pedophilia and hypocrisy but the concept of what was right and true never turned me off, just the industry portion. So glad to have you guys. Opened more eyes today btw. Mission accomplished

  8. Ha! Oh I am sure it was! A big church, to say the least, and it was hellfire and brimstone. Kinda like Alex Jones yelling God at you. Mom still apologizes for that stuff. She realizes now how deep the programming there was.

    1. Yea, I went to a Baptist Christian school for three years when I was in junior high. My father couldn’t wait to get me out of there, but my mom’s family were devout worshippers of the place and many people called that school a cult more than anything. They, too preached the gloom and doom like you were saying. I don’t think they were a corporate church though. Just a private school, mostly family-owned. Most of the teachers and faculty were church and family related. Needless to say my dad nearly got into a fight with the pastor because of his pessimistic “you’re going to Hell if you don’t submit to the cult and put a little money in the tray” type stuff. And yes, those who put more money in the plate were treated more favorably than others and were the ones who have supposedly really “seen the light” so to speak. Ugh! Had to de-program myself from that after a few years, too. 🙄

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