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We do indeed live in “interesting times.”  But are we interested in the right things?  What are the “right” things we should be interested in?  After all, it seems that in an ostensibly free country with “liberty and justice for all” bandied about as a foundational credo – the opposite has somehow become the status quo – that is – if YOU or I my dear citzen – dare to become interested in the “wrong” things.  

The Sorcerers of Reality

I am an American citizen.  It is my DUTY to involve myself in the deeds performed by the United States Government in my name using my tax dollars.  Taxation in America is no joke – they want their money – and they’ll come and get it.  Presently at an individual level there seems to be no escape from the boiler room on the trainwreck called the  Yoo-ess-ayy – where we are obligated to shovel our hard-won earnings into a ravenous furnace of immorality – while the Yoo-ess-ay derails eating the life out of all aboard, smashing any and all patriots standing in its doomed path.  One would think that only  a suicidal passenger on the Yoo-ess-ayy would opt to ignore our pending doom – but somehow the world has turned upside down where it is implied that only the suicidal will dare to speak out against the sorcerers of our pre-packaged reality.  Like who?

Michael Hastings

What happened to Michael Hastings?  Who can argue that Hastings is a hero?  Here’s a little bit about him from here:

Hastings was best known for a 2010 Rolling Stone profile that led to the resignation of Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Hastings was a contributing editor at the magazine.

Petraeus resigned from the CIA after publicly admitting that he and Broadwell had carried on an extramarital affair.
At the time the article was published, McChrystal commanded all U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan. In the piece, he voiced open contempt for President Obama and administration policies. Soon after, McChrystal met with the president and tendered his resignation.”
From another article we are told the usual “move along nothing to see here” with the standard addition that those who think he was murdered are “conspiracy theorists:”
Hastings, 33, died about 4:30 a.m. Tuesday when his 2013 silver Mercedes slammed into a tree in Hancock Park and burst into flames. The car was going so fast, the engine was found more than 100 feet away from the crash, authorities said.
Since Hasting’s death, wild conspiracy theories have bloomed on the Internet, implying he was murdered by powerful forces wanting to silence him.”

SOOOOOO…… the presstitute media (as Paul Craig Roberts often calls it)  that has been complicit as the propaganda arm of our police state shouts louder to drown out public outcry that Not just “conspiracies” abound……but WILD  conspiracy theories!  Wow – they are getting desperate.  But shouldn’t we first take a step back at the big picture to consider other factors?  Ya’ know like MEANS, MOTIVE AND OPPORTUNITY?   Or shouldn’t WE THE PEOPLE think those thoughts, that is, unless we want to be next!

An article here tells us that the US Federal Government claims they have the right to kill anyone anywhere, anytime including US citizens and that they have already.  So doesn’t it stand to reason that  WE THE PEOPLE would ask the next logical question – did you do it again by murdering Michael Hastings?

It is legal for the American government to order the killing of an American citizen if a “high-level” official decides that the person is a senior member of al-Qaeda or an associated group who poses “an imminent threat of violent attack” against the US, according to a Justice Department memo obtained by NBC News. But the 16-page document, which details the legal reasoning behind the use of drone strikes against Americans, uses a very broad definition of “imminent.” A key part:

  • “The condition that an operational leader present an ‘imminent’ threat of violent attack against the United States does not require the United States to have clear evidence that a specific attack on US persons and interests will take place in the immediate future.””

The answer:  YES!  After all they told us that they think they have the right to do it.  So YES the Federal government is to be HIGHLY SUSPECT.


We can read HERE that modern automobile driver control can be remotely over-ridden:

“Many people know about GM’s Onstar which maintains an always on cellular internet connection to the heart of the engine control system and has been that way since the 90’s. But few people know about the Federal mandate, which in 2005 forced manufacturers to include a similar always on internet connection via the cell network in EVERY car sold in America, Onstar or not. And this team of hackers has proven that a remote connection can indeed allow commandeering of these cars (in their case they used a remote controlled laptop plugged into the OBD port rather than the cell connection) that could be used to turn the car into a murder weapon. 

The CIA favors car accident deaths above all other assassination methods because the plausible denyability factor is so high, and even if all evidence seems to make the driver appear innocent, it’s easy to stop such a defense by blaming drugs or alcohol. “

And of course if you do a little digging you will find that that is the direction the investigation will follow – find a way to blame Hastings for his own death:

The cause of the crash remains under investigation. Coroner’s officials said they plan to conduct toxicology tests on Hastings, which could take weeks. They are also attempting to determine whether any health issues contributed to the crash.”

One must keep in mind that if there were a conspiracy to murder Michael Hastings a cover-up follow-through is essential for the perps to escape scrutiny.  Such cover-ups require the embedding of stereotypes in the public mind for later recall when the “authorities” provide the planned excuses for Michael’s conveniently timed demise.  So “wild conspiracy theories” and “toxicology” are logical embeds in the crony media- that is – if a conspiracy really is afoot.

Perhaps other MEANS were used?  I am only considering possible options as an American Citizen – after all – means, motive, and opportunity are obvious considerations in any investigation:

This helicopter is about 49 pounds, and you probably want to watch the video after the jump to see it in action. According to my Source, the Shadowhawk is already being used to track pirates off the Horn of Africa. Apparently, it is also used to enforce law on U.S. streets.

It also comes with the option of turbine or piston engines, thermal cameras, range fingers, and laser pointers. For those who want some weapons, it is also possible to install 37 mm or 40 mm grenade launchers, 12 gauge shotgun rounds, or even taser batons.”

Justice in America

…or should that read InJustice Amerika?

I predict that “our” Justice Department [sic] will perform predictably with the same evidence effacing efficiency we’ve come to expect from government workers.  Surely you can remember the old joke “We’re from the government and we’re here to help.”  Ha ha ha – the question is …. help with WHAT?

I anticipate an array of antics consistent with their perfect track record of incredulousness.  Conspiracy? What’s that?  This is the same federal government of obsessed paranoiacs and control freaks that see a conspirator (terrorist) hiding under every laptop computer lid.  These are the psychopaths that have trained our police to shoot first and ask questions later.  These are the same inept and overpaid boobs that cry “plot” every time someone does a Google search for “pressure cooker.”  “Our” injustice department IS that hammer to which everything appears a nail – that is – when it suits their agenda of Total Control over We The People.  But if a journalist intent on revealing their dastardly machinations dies conveniently in a suspicious fiery blaze – they can only say to us “What do you mean conspiracy?”

Lemons, lemons everywhere…so how to make a drink?

Although the violent psychopaths press on their war on free speech there is still plenty of good information out there for the average Joe to conclude that we are being lied to.  How is one to tell who is telling the truth?

If one is inclined to educate themselves regarding the JFK murder, for example, there is a vast sea of good information, bad info, outright lies and truth.  Those providing the information available are often attacked ad hominem by those with opposing viewpoints making it difficult to know who to believe.  In the end we must trust our own instincts and judgement.  But we must LOOK first – decide later.

Much of what we face now regarding Michael Hastings’ death is propaganda.  Walter Lippmann on page 27 of “Public Opinion” defines propaganda:

We have learned to call this propaganda.  A group of men, who can prevent independent access to the event, arrange the news of it to suit their purpose.”

So we can expect propaganda – but we must beware the dangers inherent in our individual digestion of data distributed to us from all sources – and we are dependent upon media sources for our information because (page 53 Pub Op):

Inevitably our opinions cover a bigger space, a longer reach of time, a greater number of things, than we can directly observe.  They have therefore, to be pieced together out of what others have reported and what we can imagine.”

Our interpretation of data presented is further filtered (and encouraged by the fake corporate media) to pass judgement without examining the facts.  This is human nature as described on p 54:

For the most part we do not see first, and then define, we define first and then  see.”

It seems reasonable that media outlets encouraging that we fall into a well-known trap of human perception should be regarded with suspicion – don’t you agree?


Trust your own judgement.  Conspiracy is as American as Apple Pie – don’t be fooled.  Regardless of the cries of terror, the pleas to give up your liberty for a little fake safety under the protective umbrella of the biggest terrorists on the planet – always remember the Bill of Rights as your center.  Everybody deserves their day in court and the government was established in these United States with only ONE MANDATE – to preserve the individual rights of WE THE PEOPLE.  So keep juicing the lemons and in the end we’ll all enjoy the sweet lemonade of LIBERTY.

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