Schmeisser vs. Thompson vs. Grease Gun — WW2 Submachine Gun Shootoff

Uploaded on Dec 26, 2011 by okrajoe

MP-40 Schmeisser vs. M1928A1 Thompson vs. M3 Grease Gun — a submachine gun comparison from a WWII U.S. training film.

4 thoughts on “Schmeisser vs. Thompson vs. Grease Gun — WW2 Submachine Gun Shootoff

  1. War propaganda to show the effectiveness of a cheap full auto alternative (M3) to the more expensive to manufacture Schmeiser and Thompson. Of course the M3 would win because it was a training film for that weapon. Can’t send the guys into the field thinking they were out gunned. The winning targets were hand picked from however many tries were made to produce the predetermined order of winners. That being said, I wouldn’t want to be at the wrong end of any of the three MPs being demonstrated.

    On the other hand, it really does show that a cheap and easy to manufacture weapon can be quite effective.

  2. yah look at the ak 47 was alot less to make than our m 16 an look at all that are in service an was never good being on the other end of one of them..

  3. British STEN is right in there too as a cheap reliable subgun. Seen a lot of those garage shop made STENs that worked damn good.

  4. Interesting that I found this video as when I went to a Las Vegas shooting range, I chose these three weapons. The Schmeisser had a distinctive sound, the Thompson had quite a kick and barrel climb, and the Grease Gun just purred. I love that the Grease Gun not only benefited from mass production techniques from simplicity to cost, but had the ability to swap parts to fire both .45 ACP and 9mm.

    A bit of trivia – in the TV series “Combat!,” Vic Morrow’s/Sgt, Saunders’ trigger finger was stunted (birth defect) which you can see in certain shots. I also learned at a show reunion that Morrow’s Thompson jammed quite often, so there are times in firefights where supposedly you see him smacking it to try to release the jam.

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