One thought on “School In Liverpool To BARCODE TEST Kids With ARMY 😟 Parental Consent Not Required

  1. I went to their website. They have issued a new updated letter stating this:

    “Update 8.11.20
    1.30pm Please click here for a letter to parents from Liverpool City Council and a consent form regarding the planned testing for Covid-19 in Liverpool schools. All students will be receiving a paper copy tomorrow. Please note, this letter replaces the one that was published last Friday
    We are awaiting updated information about the plans for Covid-19 testing of students in Liverpool schools.
    Consent will be explicitly sought from parents.
    At this point in time, we are uncertain of the start date for this.
    Details will be shared as soon as possible”

    Not that this would disqualify them from hanging over the original presumption and they certainly are an “inclusive and diverse” school. Unless you’re British, of course.

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