Schumer calls for federal crackdown on fake vaccine cards

ABC News

NEW YORK — The Senate’s top Democrat says federal law enforcement officials need to crack down on fake COVID-19 vaccination cards being sold online.

Sen. Chuck Schumer’s announcement Sunday comes after The Associated Press reported how people are cheating the system and buying counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards online, worrying officials at colleges and universities across the country that are requiring proof students received the vaccine to attend in-person classes.

Schumer is demanding U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the FBI team up with officials from the Department of Health and Human Services to launch a crackdown on the counterfeit cards and start a campaign to make clear that forging the cards could land people in federal prison.

He also wants the Justice Department to immediately prioritize cases involving fake vaccine cards and is pushing for Customs and Border Protection to work harder to find counterfeit cards being sent from overseas.

Federal agents have already seized thousands of fake vaccine cards this year. Customs and Border Protection officers working in Memphis seized another shipment earlier this week — sent from Shenzhen, China and headed to New Orleans — that contained dozens of fake cards, officials said.

The FBI had issued a joint statement with the Department of Health and Human Services in March urging people not to buy, create or sell fabricated vaccine cards. The unauthorized use of the seal of an official government agency is a federal crime that carries a possible fine and a up to five years in prison.

7 thoughts on “Schumer calls for federal crackdown on fake vaccine cards

  1. Ah yes, ABC joos spinning a story to make it appear as if an outside force is undermining some great effort to save ‘musical and anyone who resists at all is with the enemy.

    “You’re either with us or with the terrorists” part deux

  2. First time ever after all these years of visiting this site. Both my phone and my home pc have proctaimed this site as unsafe and forced me to click on proceed anyway. Bastards hang in hell

  3. I call for crackdown on criminals cartel members in occupation of the people’s republic. All joos shall be hanged and then shot in the hip until they stop.

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