Scores evacuated as fuel pipeline goes off in Illinois

File photo Press TV

An underground fuel pipeline goes off in the US state of Illinois, prompting people to flee the region as the flames went up 300 feet into the sky and could be seen from miles away.

The blast took place at around 11:15 p.m. Monday under a cornfield in Whiteside County near the border with Iowa.

No one was killed or injured in the incident.   

According to Scott Melton, the Erie community Assistant Fire Chief, officials were forced to evacuate 80 families in Whiteside County because the blaze was spreading throughout the region before allowing them to return on Tuesday.

The underground pipeline, owned by Houston-based Enterprise Products Partners, was used to carry a mixture of ethane and propane.

The pipeline was still burning early Tuesday.

“There’s still some fuel left in the pipe and they’re going to let that burn off, because it’s the safest way to handle it,” said the company’s spokesman.

The company says it is investigating the reason behind the incident.


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