Scottsdale Police Arrest Innocent Woman For Asking For Help – Forced Blood Draw – Earning The Hate


September 8th, 2021.

A very egregious Arrest and abuse of gov power with NO ACCOUNTABILITY. This woman was a victim of a came and then the cops ignored evidence, arrested her, did a FORCED BLOOD DRAW, blamed her because they missed her vein during blood draw, strip searched and ignored evidence that PROVED SHE DID NOT COMMIT THE CRIME. OUTFREAKINGRAGEOUS!

A Valley woman is accusing Scottsdale police and some of its officers of wrongfully arresting and mistreating her. Yesse Garcia says she was accused of a hit and run, even though she says there is surveillance video showing she wasn’t behind the wheel.

2 thoughts on “Scottsdale Police Arrest Innocent Woman For Asking For Help – Forced Blood Draw – Earning The Hate

  1. Just saw this; You know what, if that was my daughter, every one of those mthrfkr scumbag badge wearing maggot enforcers would be dealt with… You dumb fks in uniforms had better fkn get your brains right…real soon, cause the people are going to start extracting the massive amount of retribution that is due from you all, even the so called innocent, good cops…!

    You take an oath to support and defend the constitution (Which CAN’T Exist without the bill of rights) you then pin on your courage and strap on your balls, and immediately go out and violate that oath.. your some kind of special ain’t you?

    It will hit the wall, as soon as you start enforcing this mandate of vaccinations…. at stores, and malls and taco fkn bell dumb shits..

    You are not going to understand why so many of you are getting wasted daily… but you will keep your heart warm with the knowledge that it must be some kinda terrorism or some sort a thing, right?

    Wrong, it will be Americans beginning to take back their nation….

    You are and have been on the wrong side of History along with the masters of the NWO you serve….

    Just words here, but our hearts are in the right place and our cause and our struggle is just, we have the true founders of this nation right next to us……….. may reality make my aim true, when you come for me……..for thereafter, I will come for ALL of you, everywhere……..

    And I have family in “Law Enforcement”, and my heart aches at their peril…………for the Bill of rights is our Law…so they are actually criminals… don’t ya know..?

  2. Your words, Norm, I feel them in my bones. Families, and all the strife they’re in. Myself losing people ’cause they chose the Fauci Camp. Myself, losing love and having to fight those I used to love. Families, torn apart because Jevil spread lies all over the world, pushed poison at the people, killed minds. And I will say it, PAIN, with all the horror they unleashed. Friday Henry yelled, “I wanna fight!!” So do I, and so do you, as so many also do and are ready. The medicine is coming after the sickness.


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