‘Screw your freedom’: Arnold Schwarzenegger calls anti-maskers ‘schmucks’

Aug 12, 2021
Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t mincing words when calling out anti-maskers.
The “Terminator” star and former governor of California addressed Americans who are still “in denial” about the severity of the pandemic during an interview with CNN’s Bianna Golodryga on Wednesday.

17 thoughts on “‘Screw your freedom’: Arnold Schwarzenegger calls anti-maskers ‘schmucks’

    1. You mean Arnold Schwarzenegger, that Austrian communist son of a bitch that married Maria Schriver, direct relative to the Kennedys, who considers himself an elitist?

      Hey Arnold, you don’t know a goddamn thing about the supreme ratified law of this land and our people’s rights. I’m going to tell you something else, mother f-ker, this isn’t the movies and you are no f-king superman. So bring your f-king bad ass out into the streets and force a shot or a mask on me and I will teach you the difference between a jew movie and f-king reality. I guarantee you out here in reality, every bullet doesn’t miss you and you don’t have any superpowers and you are no f-king bad ass. Just another cunt communist from Austria and you need to go back where you came from until it is time for your trial and we’ll see if the movie director can stop that rope from snapping your f-king neck and stop you from doing the shit dance, you pathetic piece of treasonous shit.

      1. Yes
        That treasonous piece of shit

        He’s the Tumor
        Didn’t this traitor also hold an illegitimate office ?
        Yeah F this guy
        Defund the politicians !

  1. Can’t imagine going through life with the flavor of someone else’s sh!t in my mouth.
    Imagine a sucker fish attached to a Joo ass, Arnie.

  2. “Old but not obsolete.”

    Wanna bet?!? You’re as useless and irrelevant as that Dementia infected mummified meat puppet in Washington, DC.

  3. “No screw your freedom”.

    Wow! Them be true fighting words.

    You don’t EVER tell another American to “screw your freedom”. That’s a declaration of war.

    Evidently he doesn’t know what freedom means if he still considers himself an American all these years. I’m betting he probably thinks we won our independence from China like the rest of the people in his beautiful state of Commiefornia.

    The Austrian dickhead is old. He ain’t superhuman. He never was. When guns start blazing, he’ll be the first to say, “RUN! Get to the CHOPPA!” And then we’ll be the ones looking back at his old wrinkly face saying, “You are one ugly motherf$&ker.”

    1. “You don’t EVER tell another American to “screw your freedom”. That’s a declaration of war.”

      That’s exactly what that is !
      This PUnk ass bitch needs to go back to Whatever shit hole he popped out of

  4. Gee another actor to boycott… I can’t even keeptrack of all the Hollywood hypocrites I’m boycotting…. and yes, he is a traitor for sure. He is also a has-been and is likely being paid to be this traitor.

  5. Yep, that arrogant P.O.S. needs an attitude adjustment! How the F**k does the son of a nazi think he can talk about us that way, he hasn’t even learned english yet! When the revolution starts, make sure this scumbag is one of the first against the wall!

    1. We are not conducting a REVOLUTION.
      We are simply carrying out our jurisdictional duty to enforce our absolute law.
      We have a small group of criminals who are trying to subjugate us, guilty of treason and sedition for their violations of our law.
      We are not looking to change anything. The law itself will make the changes as we exercise our individual free sovereign jurisdiction.

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