12 thoughts on “Sears Catalog Advertisement

    1. Would we have a counter protest at searS, to protest against the o bvious protest that twisted individuals will have?
      Should we bring BATS?

      1. Consider the back lash Dicks Sporting Goods is suffering for pulling this gun garbage. Business is suffering!

        This is what I gauged my comment on.

        Remember Targets bathroom bull and how they suffered loss in revenues.

        I remember the 70% that are NOT for any of this.

        Now the companies must have the backbone to not buckle under the pressure of those
        communist anti-gunners you mentioned.

        1. The funny thing about Dicks , they sucked as a store to buy quality firearms from
          So they just jammed the fork in themselves even deeper and harder by acting self reicheous about their liberal anti peoples rights , thinking the soft and fuzzy type of wanna be outdoors man of the pussified states of America would hold the ground for their future
          Wrong answer
          The whiplash is entertaining

          1. Dicks was on its way out anyway, The place was/is a clip joint. The CEO is a traitor/fk up. Only catered to the filthy rich. Nobody could really afford to shop there.

  1. First off it would be an improvement, the snowflakes and communists would go wild ripping out hair… Then finally there would be a mighty scream from the SJW’s because the ad shows a white family that is SMILING.

  2. Help…!!!!

    Help mutherfkers…!

    There’s white pee pole with gunz..

    Getting ready to shoot a poor unarmed white gender neutral girl.

    Dial 911…!



    I’d like to report a white girl in danger with white people with gunz.

    Her last name is Minor I believe.

    (911) hang on sir..

    Ok… I just wanted to let you know…. that their black and mexican friends are coming with gunz so please hurry.

  3. The Jew have made it sacrilegious to even mention guns in a family advertisement, years ago it was an everyday occurrence. Why don’t we do the same, and show how ugly and wrong it is to bow to a wall while dry humping it?

    These Bolshevik Jews kill me, lock and load should be the caption, or shoot a traitor to the Bill of Rights, do it with an American made a firearm, help save America!

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