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  1. Yea, Yea, ya dumb, arrogant, bitch. You’ll be in jail long before that happens.
    Even in Communist, lefty, Seattle. See what happens when you give these fools an inch?

  2. They said this in Russia, they did it. They said this in China, they did it. They said it in Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and south America, they did it. They now very openly and threateningly expose themselves where once they would try to mask it. And I say this, I’m warning all Americans and people all over the world, if we don’t take equal action, they’ll do it here too. We can no longer have the mentality of “when it comes to my door”. At that point you are already defeated. If we only fight for “our house” then we have shown not to really be about a republic nation where rights are gauranteed and protected and held as sacrosanct law “until it comes to our door.” We need to organize and mobilize swiftly and decisively. Politically, financially, emotionally mentally, etc. Heed this warning. There will be no mercy for us, there will be no us if we don’t do something and do it now. As the saying goes, all it takes for evil to triumph is for men of goodwill to do nothing. Stocking up your entire house with guns and ammo will do absolutely nothing without uniting and taking all actions needed and amassing the militia we’re supposed to be to secure a free state. Today its Amazon, whether you like them or not is irrelevant, tomorrow another institution and so on and so on like a domino effect. What the commies are doing is seizing all industry as the tenets of communism dictate. There will be no private business, no right to it or rights at all. Reach out to people and let them know what I’m saying, if anyone or anyone you know is interested or has any ideas on how we can start, I’m here, ready and waiting. Once again, take their threats seriously, because they are and always have. Our lives and the lives of our progeny literally depend on this.

    1. “We can no longer have the mentality of “when it comes to my door”. At that point you are already defeated.”
      Sorry, bro, but you are f-king wrong. We’ve already proven that our numbers are so great that we can destroy the enemy with a stroke. How have we done that? Leaderless resistance.
      You start organizing and by the time you have a command structure, it will be corrupted or jailed.
      This must be fought like a feud. Every individual is not just responsible for guarding their castle, but rather for enforcing the absolute ratified law by whatever means necessary.
      If you can get people together who have known each other all of their lives or the huge families that exist in this country to start enforcing the law through vigilantism, as this is an occupation, then it will spread.
      This attempted construction of a command structure has failed and failed again. Why? Because there is a little bit of that tyranny that those involved in industry, even at the lower levels, want to preserve, as it puts them above their neighbor and keeps the playing field tilted in their favor.
      The Bill of Rights is absolute law. It has to be enforced absolutely. Any exception takes away the absolute and leads down the road to elitism.
      We are not f-king defeated and this is the furthest in awakening and defying the machine that we have ever achieved and it was achieved through leaderless resistance.
      Now all people need to do is start the vigilantism, which is absolutely justified as our supreme ratified law has been removed at every level. They have declared war on us and all we have to do to fulfill their dream is give them a command structure to surrender for the rest of us. Never.

      1. With all due respect Henry, I don’t disagree. I think you took my statement wrong. I’m not saying we as Americans ARE already defeated, I’m saying if we have the mentality to allow this enemy to continue and say only when it affects us personally we will be because that is giving up on the rest of the nation. I’ve had this discussion about our founding, what they had done to bring it about and my opinions on this corrupt government takeover and violations of our rights with people who have said this to me which is why I stated it that way. My question to them was the same, if we as a people wait for it to come knocking on our front door, what will sustain us against this massive threat of police forces, mobs etc? If we turn a blind eye to it now, what will we do when they gain even more momentum and numbers and power? You summed up my point when you said “If you can get people together who have known each other all of their lives or the huge families that exist in this country to start enforcing the law through vigilantism, as this is an occupation, then it will spread.” This is my point, but also that I believe it’s way past time to wait for the enemy. I believe war is being and has been waged on us and I take into account historical examples that I never want to be a part of our future. So i do agree with you. This was my point of organizing. Maybe it’s not the right or best choice of words, but I hope my intent was made clear.

        1. My point is people are organizing and they have done so to the point to where all the corporate communists and Marxists have had to show themselves and how pathetic their numbers are.
          No matter what the conditions, it is the willingness of the individual to act that will decide which way the wind blows and the fire with it. People are realizing that sitting and waiting for the inevitable is a losing lottery ticket.
          The fighting will have to start and others will have to join in that fight and will join in that fight for the pure necessity of survival.
          The Marxists and the corporate communists would give anything to get any kind of a handle on this uncontrolled tens of millions of unorganized militia.
          We will fight together, side by side, but it will have to be after the guns are already going off. If we allow our righteous cause to enforce our ratified law to be hijacked, the guns will never go off. The past has shown us every time there popped up an organized militia, well as Bill Cooper said, it is a political or religious army that will kill you if you do not accept their dictate.
          It is a hell of a way to go about it, but our true leaders will show themselves in the heat of battle and in their allegiance to the supreme law, which is the only thing I am going to fight for as anything to the contrary is unlawful.
          And for those that join with these political and religious armies in an attempt to be my new master, every f-king one of them is going to die because the American nationals who will fight for freedom and liberty without condition just flat out outnumber them.
          Right now, they are doing everything they can think of to try to hijack what has been displayed by the American nationals in the last few months. We are definitely going to lose some people, but it is the fault of the special interest tory militia for ignoring the simplicity of enforcing the law instead of trying to regain control and subjugation over the people for their dirty church Masonic masters.
          If we do not allow ourselves to be lured away from that single page of ratified law, the tory militia will be slaughtered and they know it.
          That is what I am trying to say, brother.

    2. Whats the first moves they made on the people, they removed our “voice” nation wide, its all one sided! The msm needs to change hands.

      1. The MSM needs to be exposed
        Dismantled and scattered to the winds
        And those that knowingly committed treason
        Need to be hung


      2. F*ck the MSM. They have not removed my voice! Every day I speak openly about the tyranny we are under. I hand out DVDs and articles that expose the fraud of the current scam/psyop. I made a sign for my car…’The Cure For COVID…..Turn Off The Tell A Lie Vision’. My other sign is ‘The Bill Of Rights Is Supreme Law’ I do not go one day without exposing this bull$hit

  3. That conversation between Jamal and Henry has had me thinking all day considering that I can verify exactly what Henry said about leaderless resistance, something Soros-funded orgs like BLM, Antifa, and their ilk could never handle and have no answer for. None! It’s as if the commies/fascists/NWOs/globalists couldn’t even conceive of such a construct. Let me also say that as someone who originally supported that bogus McLaren-led “Republic of Texas” movement so thoroughly debunked by Bill Cooper in his January 8, 1996 Hour of the Time broadcast (can be seen on YouTube) that not only was McLaren a psycho but a scammer as well. Plus it was infiltrated and he did nothing about it, plus it split into factions which I can see BLM and them doing (funded by Soros and Co.). And other so-called “militia” movements to no effect. Since leaderless resistance cannot be tracked in the usual way it is almost invisible. Communities/families/clans…even churches, true ones that is….and never assume true Christians, who are supposed to “love our enemies and turn the other cheek” won’t defend our bodies of Christ, our communities, our towns/cities/whatever to the dying breath…because if we don’t, what are we gonna do when the Syn of Sat (under Noahide) come for our heads? (I said that because some think Christians are just a bunch of lazy pacifists and will cave in like those “white guilt” Christian idiots bowing before apostate Black Hebrew Israelite racist thugs.) Christ didn’t back down and neither will I!

    And just to make the “religious army” point Henry made clear–I am NOT part of that nonsense! (And anyway, the Body of Christ out here is made up of two tiny churches not some assanine “evangelical” megachurch of apostates…remember, to me, the Bill of Rights and the words of Christ are pretty much the same thing. God forbid those Dominionists/Christian Reconstructionists have a say in this (they are one “religious army” but there are others…BHI, Christian Cults, CUFI, etc.)

    Finally, as to these “organized militias” like the Boogaloos or whatever, Proud Boys whatever….I would not be surprised if Soros and Co. were funding them as well. Another thing to remember: the enemy (FreeMasons, Illuminati, NWO, Soros and Co., Kill Bates and Co., the Syn of Sat, the banksters and oligarchs) ALWAYS funds both sides!

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