Second suspect identified in fatal beating of Delbert Belton


Meet ‘tough guy’ Kenan Adams-Kinard, killer of frail, defenseless, kind, 84 year-old men.

Adams-Kinard is the second ‘tough guy’ suspect, currently on the run after the fatal beating of Delbert Belton. Kenan Adams-Kinard has a criminal history, but the extent of it isn’t known yet.

The other suspect, 16-year-old Demetrius Glenn, who turned himself into police on Friday.  

451503-20130823-192848-640x360.pngGlenn was charged with murder and robbery, and is reported to have a long criminal history including “riot” with a deadly weapon. He’s a fan of rapper Chief Keef, similar to the three alleged killers of Australian student Christopher Lane, who often posted Keef’s lyrics on social media. One of Glenn’s favorite YouTube videos is a report on Keef’s possible involvement in the murder of another rapper, Lil JoJo.

8 thoughts on “Second suspect identified in fatal beating of Delbert Belton

  1. Yea and I bet that these two walked around with their baggy pants half way down to their kneen jumpin` up and down talkin` sh*t and grabbing their crotch like they got a good case of crabs. These punks know exactly what they were doing. They know right from wrong and they know damned well that what they did is wrong. Lets see how much crotch grabbin` and jumpin` up and down while sittin` in prison. These guys are cheap boaring low life weasles at best.

    1. Digger
      When the crunch comes its open season on crap like this, got a brand new LWRC REPR special for that action,
      Need to set up a points system

  2. “But my innocent boy was an honor student. He was gonna be a doctor.” — gangsta Mom

    Both of these bad-ass little punks are going to get what they deserve in prison.

    1. Jolly Rogers, these punk kids are not bad asses – these kids are a bunch of sissy pussies – otherwise why would they beat a good old guy to death?, they would go after someone that was more of a challenge – ya know – more competitive. These kids are probobly neglected by their perrents and they got involved in something that made them punk kids think that they are cool or something beating up the dissadvantaged or the handicapped, and I bet that. These punks just wanted to create pain and death so that they feel powerful and tough. This is BS what them kids said, but it does go a lot farther than just the news bs. This is a social thing and society has been bought off big time – society is one big sour POS in MOHO

        1. Yea #1 I am too damned serious been a problem for most of my life. Ya see #1 I was always told to be serious 100% of the time because then people will know just what I am about instead of people assuming that people are a bunch of jokers. I am one of those that are 100% serious all of the time as I don`t think that some of those games that these street punks and cops and poloticions are not funny. Yea #1, I am too damned serious with no funny bone in me and so there fore I may take people the wrong way as most people that I have been around are just a bunch of cocky jokers that run to mamma when the going gets tough and they got to answer up to their sarcasm and twisted truths.

    1. I was thinking a .45, but double aught Buck does sound better!
      I hope someone with a gun finds him first.
      “Honest Officer, he was going to attack me. I was in fear for my life.”
      End of discussion!

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