6 thoughts on “Secret Service agent fights with reporter at Donald Trump rally at Radford University in Virginia

  1. Not much to that video clip.
    It’s ok Gabby. If that had been a Hitlery rally that reporter would have been shot. Er, I mean “Suicided.”

  2. So
    Who gives a crap about some reporter ?
    None of the “reporters”I’ve heard are telling the truth about anything anyways
    To me news reporters , lawyers , politicians , heads of state , et all are parasites and should be ignored and shoved aside until they denounce the epic BS they are a part of

  3. People are reading too much into this incident. On one hand, you have a typical arrogant reporter trying to get a story to spin. On the other hand, you have an arrogant neo-nazi government thug. Get those two types in the same proximity, they are bound to fight. It’s natural, it’s scientific, it’s inevitable. I sleep better knowing they hate each other.

  4. Libtard media always picking the fight and blaming the other person when they lose.

    BTW, I ran across this vid earlier, I call it Gays for Trump!!


    I’m not gay but having the .gov involved so deeply in everyone’s sexual decisions is the same as letting .gov tell you how to raise your kids.

    Return the power to the people!!!!

  5. Easy to spin a yarn Gabby with only the smallest shred of what occured being presented. From another clip I saw on you tube, it looked as if this agent walked past the reporter, they exchanged words, the agent appeared to have been pushed, then the skinny jeans d-bag got what he deserved. Always an onion….

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