Security Camera Catches Man Light Tree on Fire In Kelso, WA

Sep 15, 2020
Ryzaa Torres posted this video to Facebook showing a white male lean down and light a tree in the yard on fire with a lighter. There were adults and children in the house at the time. The tree was quickly put our, however, the white male got away.

6 thoughts on “Security Camera Catches Man Light Tree on Fire In Kelso, WA

  1. If you look carefully you can see this is not a “white male” setting the fire. Regardless of color, these fires are being deliberately set.

  2. Nah nah nah now come on people that’s glow bull warming doing this

    Fcker should have been dropped right there after he lit it and allowed to burn with a hole in his forehead

  3. Based on those being caught, it seems someone is paying druggies and ex-prisoners to do this everywhere. The ones while been caught have all had trouble with the law before. Their color is irrelevant, it is whoever is paying them who needs to be found out.

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