Security footage on delay let Florida shooter escape

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Parkland massacre gunman Nikolas Cruz was able to escape the Florida campus undetected because security guards were watching surveillance footage on a 20-minute delay.

The confusion caused police to believe that Cruz was still on school premises, even though he had already left and was on the way to Subway and McDonald’s.

Police searched for the gunman for 26 minutes using security cameras before realizing he wasn’t inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. 

In footage reviewed by the Sun Sentinel officers can be heard saying that they are monitoring him on camera and he’s moved from the third to second floor.

Another cop replied that they were on the second floor and couldn’t see Cruz, because he managed to get away unnoticed after his shooting spree where he killed 17 people.

Officers realized from the footage that Cruz dropped his rifle and fled the scene at around 2.28pm and was caught by police an hour later.

The tapes confirm a malfunction in the cameras as an officer can be heard saying: ‘It’s about a 20-minute delay they’re following him on video, on the camera.

‘They have him exiting the building, running south.’

Deputies from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office reportedly arrived at the campus just as Cruz was escaping.

There is speculation over whether they responded to the right building at first but this is unable to be determined by the tapes.

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel said at a press conference Wednesday that investigators were ‘examining’ the tapes and other evidence to see if deputies immediately entered the school upon their arrival.

Criminal Justice Professor Pete Blair said he had never heard of a ‘camera delay’ problem before.

He added that the ‘good information’ you think you have is going to slow the process down because it turns out to be misleading.

Coral Springs Police Chief Tony Pustizzi confirmed that the surveillance tapes offered to police by the school were ‘delayed 20 minutes and nobody told us that.’

He told the Sun Sentinel: ‘It made it harder to identify where the guy was.

‘Somebody would say “he’s on the second floor”, and we had guys on the second floor saying “we’re on the second floor, we don’t see him”, that’s when we figured out there’s a tape delay.’

He added: ‘Once we found that out we were able to adjust.’

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7 thoughts on “Security footage on delay let Florida shooter escape

  1. WTF, these monsters will try anything, I can’t wait to see a gun to their head just to hear what will come out of their monster face.

  2. The Parkland Deputy that was on duty that day has a lot of explaining to do
    because he did absolutely nothing ,, his excuse will be hollow

    he waited outside the building for 4 minutes as the alleged killings were happining
    this was a statement that came out of the mouth of the County Sheriffs ( Scott Israel) Note: according to the narrative the shooting only lasted 6 minuets

    and all he did was suspend Scot Peterson the school officer

    Peterson resigned after being notified of his suspension sure his full pension is intact ..coward

  3. “…Police searched for the gunman for 26 minutes using security cameras…”

    if they spent 26 minutes looking into cameras showing a delayed image, it’s probably because the image was delayed just for this event, rather than this delay being standard procedure. Someone with the ability to program the cameras wanted him to avoid capture. (this is a lot like the “drills” that were run on 9-11 to keep the Air Force stymied)

  4. Wolfgang Halbig tweeted out this delayed time tape synch information a few days ago. It took 8 days for me to understand the count was 3 adults 14 children. A caller on talk radio today suggested a school safety bureau for the country. Excuse me…but that was Wolfgang’ s job before he was ridiculed and threatened for just asking questions about Sandy Hook. Questions too numerous to list here. Principle Thompsons eyes as others should be black with grief….The town hall meeting was 7 days later.

    1. Maybe “they” knew about the inheritance money going to Nick on his 22nd birthday and thought they could wrestle control of it to themselves through the courts….but waited too long and he did it. He really really did it. My new theory. P.S. 3 other deputies chickened out it was revealed tonight.

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