Selma police officer shot twice in ‘ambush’ while on patrol

WSFA 12 News

SELMA, AL (WSFA) – Investigators now believe the officer who was shot was followed by four suspects starting from Selmont all the way to Selma where it ended at the intersection of Broad Street and Furniss Avenue.

“This demonstrates the worst fear,” said Selma Police Chief Spencer Collier.

Collier feared this might happen after weeks of dealing with his officers being shot at. No one had been hit.. until now.

“He was shot with a high-powered rifle. We recovered multiple casings,” Collier said.

The chief declined to identify the policeman but did say he is a 10-year veteran. Once the officer realized he was being ambushed, his sped away but with his injuries, he lost control of his car and crashed a block away. Collier says one round penetrated the officer’s body but that bullet apparently missed all vital organs.

“He was shot in the chest. He had a Kevlar on. Our vests are not rifle-rated and as you know we’re seeing so many rifles. The Kevlar slowed it down but it still penetrated,” Collier said.

State investigators have since taken over. For much of the morning, SBI personnel put down cones marking the spots where they may have found clues to help piece this crime together. Four suspects were likely involved, according to the chief.

“This is why in law enforcement it’s a fatal frontal. It is set up to shoot from different sides and different angles where they are not in each other’s crossfire, it’s a very difficult thing to survive,” Collier said.

“After learning the officer had that vest on, the vest was not rifle-graded. We’ve been pushing for the last year,” said Selma Mayor Darrio Melton.

The injured policeman radioed for helped and a fellow officer rushed him to Vaughn Medical Center in Selma. From there, he was airlifted to a hospital in Birmingham. We’re told he is in stable condition at this hour.

Meantime, Chief Collier is angry.

“I’ve been pissed off over the last several weeks over this,” he said.

The chief is promising to take the motto ‘to protect and to serve’ to a new level starting right now.

“I only have one way to respond to this and that is with overwhelming force and you’re going to see that today. I have asked for assistance from agencies from all over the state,” said Collier.

Collier tells WSFA 12 News he is not aware of any additional injuries the officer suffered as a result of crashing his Crown Vic.

5 thoughts on “Selma police officer shot twice in ‘ambush’ while on patrol

  1. sorry but , this reads like a Lie ..

    I dont want to tip off why Im saying this .. but other shooters on this forum should pick up on it fairly quickly

    I smell a bunch of shit in this story ,.. now some of it may be true ( you know how they like to sprinkle a little bit on their lies to make them more believable ) , sorry just not buying this the way they are saying it … if some of it stinks it all stinks IMO

    they will try to quickly turn the narrative that they are being hunted( all pigs and cowards fear for their lives ) , another gun rights attack

    1. Yeah….sounds to me like this is the beginning of a new gun control push to ban “high-powered rifles” based on Kevlar’s inability to stop their bullets. Every deer rifle in the country will become a “sniper rifle” that prevents law enforcement from protecting us.

      1. yup, thats part of what i saw too

        or they will start tracking HP rifle rounds and purchasers will have to pass a unconstitutional back ground check to purchase said deer hunting (sniper rounds they will call them)
        they are panicking because they have had their boots on our necks for so long that now with so many people out there packing they feel “In fear for their miserable lives every waking moment of every dam day” , and thats too dam bad ..we’re taking this Republic back one patriot at a time

        wonder if anyone will pick up on a few of the other BS lines in this story

        If its a real story , I’m sure the editors have had their day with it

        I personally like the long shot and i know that scares the establishment

    YOUR DUMB ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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