Semi Truck vs Strong Wind. Semi Truck Blown Over.


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  1. tess says:

    must be near Laramie and yes for sure wind blows all open spaces. didn’t realize they had snow tho.

  2. DL. says:

    I have seen semi’s jack-knifed in the NY State thru-way (which heads toward Buffalo as well as Canada), I have seen trucks jack-knifed on I-10 from Ozona at the end of Hill Country toward El Paso and into NM and Arizona, and also headed east from Bakersfield thru Barstow and into Needles, California…. but Wyoming? One of the few states I’ve never traveled through. Since it is really no joke what happened, I’ll refrain from being a smart-ass….no really, Mark, I didn’t think such a thing was possible!

  3. flee says:

    Ru ok.

    That looka like a hell of a slide.

    If it was at the bowling alley.

    I’d mark it a strike. ..not a spare.

    • Mark Schumacher in LV says:

      I’ve had the sht scared out of me in Wyoming, Cheyenne area. The whole damn state traveling I80 will put the fear of god into you during the winter months, 45 mph to 50 mph cross winds. If your empty your a goner, even fully loaded is dangerous as hell, they don’t pay us enough for this bullshit.

      You lay a truck over, you can kiss your profession goodbye. It’s always your fault.

      4years ago, I saw about 15 trucks laid over in Salt Lake City during a freak wind.

      • mary in ND says:

        you do worry me Mark………hey I have an idea…find a local truck route… say in Oregon then you could have a bit more R&R time 🙂

      • D says:

        Yep. Those winds can make you draw up from more than just the cold.

        We finally got tired of dealing with people driving more frantic every year, and hung it up.
        I have to hand to anyone who can handle it daily without losing their cool on someone.
        Hat’s off to you.

  4. Atrax says:

    With me being a Wyoming native, i thought i should share the Wyoming wind scale with you all.

    0-15 mph – yer not in Wyoming
    15-25 mph – calm
    25-35 mph – breezy
    35-45 mph – windy
    44-55 mph – i think it might rain/snow
    55-65 mph – i think i should leave my hat in the truck
    65-75 mph – did Yellowstone blow?


    • mary in ND says:

      🙂 here in ND ….weather report example ‘ winds are at 45 mph with gusts up to 60 mph’…..haha if the gusts are sustained I’d say the wind speed is 60….

  5. flee says:


    I’ll tell ya about wind.

    I just cut a fart .

    That wood level eastern Europe.

    In fact I just let my dog outside so it wouldn’t kill him.

    So I would not be fkng with me.

    Because I have a WMD.

  6. Martist says:

    Even God hates cops.

  7. Enemy of the State says:

    I’ve been lucky in my short over the road trucking history
    Had a perfect driving record , only twisted up a driveshaft on a 425cat powered Pete trying to get a heavy load moving and let too much clutch out before my momentum was matched
    Can’t even imagine being flipped on my side
    Let alone while underway

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