Senate Bills Reignite Gun Control Debate


Senate Bill 301, scheduled for a public hearing Friday morning would ban magazines that carry more than ten bullets at a time.

It was introduced by State Senator Karl Rhoads, who tells KITV4 right now in Hawaii, “There are more guns than people.”

808 Gun Club reports to KITV4 they have sold more than two thousand guns to first-time buyers since the beginning of the pandemic.

With sales surging, Senator Rhoads is hoping more laws are implemented.

“The really large magazines, I don’t buy that it’s a self defense weapon, are you really going to fire 60 shots in the middle of the night defending your home when someone tries to break in?” Rhoads told KITV4.

Rhoads’ bill also expands the definitions of “Assault rifles,” and “assault pistols.”

Earlier this week, the Senate’s Judiciary Committee advanced a bill banning weapons with the capacity to fire fifty-caliber bullets.

“I don’t think a sniper rifle that can kill someone from a half a mile away should be in civilian hands, it’s a weapon of war,” Rhoads told KITV4.

Kevin O’Grady, attorney based in Honolulu who specializes in firearms cases, tells KITV4 he believes these bills to be infringing on rights granted in the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

“The Second Amendment doesn’t protect just one round or ten rounds or thirty rounds it protects an individual’s right to defend themselves with the weapon of their choice ,” O’Grady tells KITV4.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Hawaii has the fourth-fewest number of gun deaths per capita in the country.

“Part of the reason for that is because we have very strict gun protection laws they’re not the strictest in the country but they’re pretty close and at this point all we’re doing is filling in the pukas,” Sen. Rhoads explained.

Per non-profit Giffords Law Center, Hawaii has the fifth-strictest gun laws in the country. O’Grady believes they are too strict, and opposes any addition to them.

“There is no open carry, there is no concealed carry, so there is no way to effectively use your Second Amendment right outside of your home to defend yourself,” he tells KITV4.

The public hearing for Senate Bill 301 is scheduled for 9:15 am Friday.

4 thoughts on “Senate Bills Reignite Gun Control Debate

  1. First off, there is no debate, there has never, ever been a debate.

    There is only criminal Traitors to our laws and the Collaborators whom stand to benefit somehow by such collaborations, attempting to conspire to figure out ways to encroach, limit, modify, restrict and make mandates upon a free people regarding their unalienable rights, that can not ever be infringed.

    Scumbag traitors like this Rhoads is another cog in the wheel of treason serving their masters from on high. These maggots and the like, the world abound are so fkn terrified and literally shaking and crying in their beds at night at what is coming to them much, much sooner than they anticipate, they can feel it, they can smell it and they really, really need their armed enforcers to have some sort of “Legal” dictates called “Laws” to use their guns to somehow stop a free people from ending this globalist terrorism upon our heads.

    DTTNWO eternal, death to every tyrant and would be tyrant and their servants and enforcers.

    You will face the people for your crimes, the people will rise against all forms of this vial system of Corporate Governance claiming authorities it could never, ever posses, have or mandate.

    Your fear “IS” warranted, just imagine you little scared power mad scum like Rhoads, hundreds of thousands of men/women who have the spirit and intentions of a man like the Real Crocodile Dundee, who, when The Aussie tyrants tried to take his guns, he killed a cpl cops and went out in a hail of gunfire, all because he said not only “No, but Hell No” and if you want them, then come take them.

    Imagine that, a man who was regarded as the National Hero of Australia, they murdered, but he took two of your enforcers with him, what a Hero he was, on par with our American true founders. ‘

    Now, Rhoads and your type of weak human vial scum, imagine what Americans are going to do to your enforcers when you try this here, it will be over real fast for them, and then, we come for you and you got no Guns to protect you anymore and any of them left will stand down, because they don’t want their families and homes wiped out for you scum.

    Does that state the situation enough for you? So, now, Go ahead and do ALL that you can, write it up, debate it, pass it, distribute it, announce and promote it in your media, then………Get to enforcing it……!

    Ban this, ban that, restrict this and that, oh for fk sakes, GFY’s all. Americans do not ask for permission to do anything. Where did you ever think this was true, because you scum have been being tolerated for so long, all your encroachments not rebutted with the righteous violence they deserve, clearly this is why and clearly it is why you shake and cry at night at these thoughts.

    1. Only want to add one thing

      Their loss numbers need to go up exponentially
      Two for one isn’t enough

      This IS war after all

    2. I’ve tried to get a response, with no luck, from some average Australian people. I’ve got a feeling they have buyers remorse, for buying into the phony story as to why they should give up their guns. Everyone can clearly see the sad outcome, when Australians protest their over reaching government and they can do nothing to make a change, with no outcome but the “authorities” slapping them around.
      This is basically how it was framed by the people.
      “No one was taking our guns — we were giving them up. The gun control question should not be prefaced by what you have to lose, but by what you have to gain.”
      (NO, they took your guns, and they did it for a reason. Now you are finding out what the reason was.
      You will do what you are told, because we have guns and you don’t)
      The same dumb thinking that is going on here in the USA.
      Here’s a sample of the useless dribble.

      1. So now they don’t have a gun, so now they just give up and take what is being dished out? WTH is that? There are other ways to destroy the enemy. Sheesh! What a bunch of pussies. If you have a thinking brain left , think!

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