Senate Committee Pulls Out Chart Showing U.S., Canada, and Mexico as ‘Homeland’


Yahoo: Senator Diane Feinstein, the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, was defending the National Security Agency’s top secret spying when she brought out a prop identifying North America — the United States, Canada and Mexico — as the “Homeland”.

13 thoughts on “Senate Committee Pulls Out Chart Showing U.S., Canada, and Mexico as ‘Homeland’

  1. That Socialist Whore of Satan must be eliminated! However, on the other hand the Skank is telling us that the American National is at war with their socialist zionazi regime. Will they never learn there is a Patriot with a gun or ten behind every blade of grass.

    1. Eliminating the family elders accomplishes nothing. Nazi money launderer Prescott Bush had a child who grew up to become a paedophile war monger, who had a child who grew up to help orchestrate 9/11. The Terrorist Jews of the Old Testament would kill all male children of the enemy for this very reason.

  2. Years ago… i believe it was a congresswoman from Nevada saying that Canada really shouldn’t hold on to so much water while the U.S. needed it… Canada should “share”, if you know what i mean. A water pipeline, she was saying.

    The province of Quebec has been viewed as a great water source for decades, also..

    Ann Coulter, who does represent a certain imperialistic philosophy, said that Canada was “lucky that the U.S. just doesn’t turn over in its sleep, and crush it”

    See where this is going?

    1. Ah yes, Ann Coulter. I don’t feel inclined to google but here’s to hoping that mop has not and never will reproduce. Why any male would want to dip into that vat of slime would be beyond my comprehension.

      1. I presume that you were never in any branch of service?
        They mount anything in the Navy!!
        You can see this by the horrendous looking women who obtain semen via this mounting and get pregnant.
        This also voids them from deployment don’t ask how many times I have seen this happen.

  3. As people wake up screaming “what can we do about this?” The answer is NOTHING. The deck has been stacked, the plan is too far along to halt. NSA exposure along with all the other “gate” issues indicate thepoint has been reached when Powers to be don’t care anymore that the sheet has been pulled off. Momentum has built to the point of no return, Satan will be heard laughing in the back ground as we’re prodded toward our demise. God Speed USA.

    1. Well gee, Don, why don’t we all just give up our guns and march right on into those FEMA camps, eh? That sounds REAL good to me.

      I think you took a seriously wrong turn somewhere and ended up here by mistake.

      Run along now.

  4. North American Union with the Amero currency. No one asked for it so naturally they go against the will of the people. The dollar is done, they claim a major terrorist attack is in the works which would take all the heat off the cabal from the “phony” scandals. Satanic MF’ers. They got backed into a corner and now they have to kill people en mass to take charge all over again. Where am I.

  5. …watch out for the idiocy in Indiana this month…they will probably try to pull something off in the mid-west…


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  6. Well, well, well….it looks like Fienstein is pulling out her NWO zones under the guise of homeland security. Ain’t she a little deceptive bitch.

    Let’s see…we have the Amero-zone, the Euro-zone, the Asia-zone and the Africa-zone. Gee…imagine that. I mean it can’t be related at all. Nah! Just a crazy conspiracy theory.

    This bitch needs to be hanged by the rope and burned at the stake and the rest of her elitist cowards need to have the same thing done to them.

  7. Talking & whining about it is one thing, now, let’s see who can grow some “DO” balls? Obviously not losers like Don above! Keep striving for unity with those that care for — Liberty, Freedom & Justice

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