Senate Democrats Unveil Sweeping Gun Control Proposal


Senate Democrats unveiled plans on Thursday for gun control reforms that include closing background check loopholes, expanding the background check database, and tightening regulations on illegal gun purchases.

The push is being led by Sens. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., who on Wednesday sent a letter to their Senate colleagues outlining the proposals. During the press conference the lawmakers recounted deadly mass shootings across the nation over the past several years and stressed that personal conversations with the victims’ relatives and friends helped underscore the need for “sensible gun reform legislation”.  

Sen. Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat, said he was moved to support the plan when his daughters asked him “what are you going to do to stop this.” Warner said he was also moved by the pleas of Andy Parker, the father of Alison Parker, the news reporter who, along with a colleague, was shot and killed on air in August.

The lawmakers backing the package of reforms said in a letter that “the American people are heartbroken and outraged” after last week’s mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon.

The changes would “bolster the background check system by strengthening it and stopping those who try to evade it,” the letter said.

It also calls for “shutting down the illegal pipeline of guns,” specifically straw purchasing — where one person buys a firearm for someone not legally allowed to.

The senators say their plans will echo the failed Manchin-Toomey bill of 2013, bipartisan legislation that called for universal background checks in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre.

“These principles will be a rallying point for a public that is eager for Congressional action, and will be the basis for future legislation that we will demand receive a vote.”

The senators will demand that “all domestic abusers” are banned from purchasing firearms, and that people are not allowed buy guns without a completed background check.

The announcement comes before President Obama’s scheduled to visit Roseburg on Friday, where he will visit victims’ families. Obama has said introducing common-sense gun laws would be a priority during the remainder of his presidency.

Joe Manchin, D-West Va., told Morning Joe on Thursday that his legislation made sense after Sandy Hook, and it “makes sense now.”

“If we’re going to protect the rights of law-abiding gun owners, then we’ve got to stand up as law-abiding gun owners,” he said, adding that Democrats had sometimes “gone way too far … on things they’ve wanted to ban,” but that gun reform was “common sense.”

Eighty-five percent of all Americans favor universal background checks on gun sales, according to research conducted by the Pew Research Center in July, while 79 percent favor laws that would stop mentally-ill people purchasing firearms.


10 thoughts on “Senate Democrats Unveil Sweeping Gun Control Proposal

  1. “The push is being led by Sens. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich. …”

    Jews pushing for gun control? There’s a surprise… [/sarcasm]

    No doubt the upcoming “common-sense” legislation will include another assault weapons ban as well — if not in this bill, then in another one. Get that Colt LE6920 or Bravo Company midlength while you can…

  2. I’d Really like to know WTF they mean by back ground check “loopholes”

    what F-ing loopholes? explain to me in detail exactly what is ment by that ?

    and how any legislation , law, rule etc is going to change or eliminate something that simply doesn’t exist

    maybe there was a good reason why the stupid jews got their ass handed to them .. when your own people are advocating disarmament , thats what you get

    or am I missing something ? < a sincere question..cause i wanna know

  3. “shutting down the illegal pipeline of guns,”… Um , maybe its time to prosecute Eric Holder for that? maybe?.. after all he was the KING of profiting off the deaths of many for his gun running to another country..which in my definition is Treason

    maybe these “representatives” need to look at their own people and do something about the corruption in their own ranks before blaming shit on the population ,, when most smart people read that their own government is arming our enemies , or making enemies of our neighbors , the finger is pointed directly at them by their own doings ..
    until the prosecution and sentence for treason is delt out to these scum,, they can keep their hands off my property and rights , forever!

    seems to me the only “LOOPHOLE” is our fed gov arming factions against their own people

  4. Senate Democrats gathered Thursday on the steps of the Capitol surrounded by about a dozen armed guards to announce a new push for tougher gun-control laws.

    The officers from the U.S. Capitol Police, who carried sidearms, were in addition to the regular detail paroling the Capitol ground due the large number of elected officials attending the event, according to a officer on the scene.

  5. Their ‘common sense’ controls might mean something if Barrak, Joe, Harry, Hilliary, Nancy, Diane, Barb et al (the usual control crowd) permanently gave up all the Secret Service, Gov’t provided & private security details. Once that was done, we could re-visit this issue without Ros colored glasses.

    Yeah, right- like they would!

  6. “… adding that Democrats had sometimes “gone way too far … on things they’ve wanted to ban,” but that gun reform was “common sense.”

    The ONLY “common sense” is that PERIOD at the end of the 2nd amendment, @sswipe!!!

  7. Just as the U.S.A.P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act was written approximately two years before the NWO gave us 9-11, this attack upon our God authorized authority to be armed (see Luke 22:36), was undoubtedly written before Oct. 1, 2015. The “… People of the United States …” (the federal government) are at war with “… the United States of America.” (the land and its “human resources”) as seen in the Preamble to the Constitution. Overt war was secretly declared by FDR March 9, 1933 under War and Emergency Powers of the Constitution and maintained by every President since. The “Feds” are at war with us!

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